199. The Hum Of The Universe Sounded Like A Bug Zapper


August 14th, 2023

1 hr 17 mins 6 secs

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  • April
  • Ryan



  • Unions
  • Plug guilt.
  • Mentoring young composers.
  • Saying smart stuff about things you know about.
  • Taking the W.
  • A high pitched ding whenever someone succeeds at something.
  • A Good Snowman is Hard to Build.
  • Into the Breach.
  • Pushing the Vek to a different square.
  • Making something in your environment more satisfying.
  • A squid with your kid.
  • Colors that have frequencies vs. compound colors.
  • Indigo: a fake color.
  • The banger heavy duty colors.
  • A range of frequencies that is culturally mediated.
  • Paint mixing vs. light mixing.
  • Exploding ancient dinosaur juice constantly.
  • The electricity magic vs. the valve magic.
  • What does it mean to explode?
  • How to tell the difference between things you know because it's common knowledge vs. things you know because it's what you obsessed about when you were 15.
  • Having a responsibility to the taxpayers to not be wasteful.
  • The science of what sounds good.
  • The most confusing music you've ever heard.
  • Food rotation.
  • Imagining you have a banana coming at you. (It's not scary.)
  • Biting it the way we bite it.
  • Burrowing through your hamburger top to bottom.
  • Living with the mayonnaise for 30 seconds.
  • What happens when you turn a taco 90 degrees.
  • Ike's Paradox.
  • Eating a rib straight up and down.
  • Pizza sandwiches.
  • Explaining to your dentist that your bottom jaw is a ruinous cavern because you eat ribs top to bottom.
  • Adding a thickening agent to soup so you can turn the bowl sideways and just shove your face in there.
  • Buying the Ultra Rare Cheeto Shaped Like Batman Crying just to flip it.
  • A li'l cute ghostie with ears.
  • Affection for bands that are bad.
  • A rock album recorded by three kids who have no interest in or aptitude for writing and performing music.
  • Art that lives at the very tips of the horseshoe ends.
  • High fashion and weird looks that aren't meant to be for everyday.
  • Music that sounds bad in a way that you don't recognize.
  • Music that is boring and propulsive at the same time.
  • Music that is not for listening to.
  • Threatening your wife with a conversation about Beatles chord progressions.
  • Making art that is boring in unexpected, interesting ways.
  • Inventing a new boring version of interesting that still isn't interesting but is boring in interesting ways, which should make it interesting but doesn't.
  • Finding a desert and falling in.
  • Watching a purple meadow quiver and drinking whiskey beside a 100 year old cactus.
  • Whether Joy is a trick.
  • Blowing up your life and other people's lives as well.
  • The other entendre.
  • Yet another example of this fucking show.
  • Cooking for the rest of your life without ever washing dishes.
  • Joy that can't not be real.
  • Poetry that's just really well-constructed prose.
  • A poem that doesn't have any line breaks because then it wouldn't fit on Instagram.
  • A true poet who accounts for swiping.
  • An expression of a huge evocative idea built out of tiny ideas.
  • How to be happy even when you are not actively chasing your dreams.
  • A song that is famous in some way.
  • That fuckin' Pina Colada song.
  • Marrying the same person three or four times.
  • Bouncing along and going on a fun road trip while the world is ending.
  • Mystifying number one hits.
  • Robot Mr. Feeny in your car and you go around solving mysteries together.
  • Getting your wife a Groucho Marx nose for christmas.
  • Robust dependable noses.
  • Think On Thine Sins, Gumshoes.
  • Giving the Latin Grammar Police the L.
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