200. My Banana Has Bones


August 21st, 2023

1 hr 7 mins 1 sec

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  • Jenni
  • Tyriq



  • The only place on the internet you can hear subjects discussed.
  • Subject Lords.
  • Finding video games in places that don't exist.
  • Renaming the spreadsheet to the Subject Bucket.
  • A hand me down Rocky and Bullwinkle bedsheet set.
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle indoctrination.
  • How many seasons the Flintstones ran for.
  • The Classic Wikipedia Was.
  • Wacky Racers.
  • Whether Winston has ever tried Circus Peanuts.
  • Enjoying one Circus Peanut every three years.
  • How to buy just one Circus Peanut.
  • Sawing a nickel in half before money became pre-scored.
  • Whether jokes were funny in the past.
  • Two troublemaking nephews named Duke and Earl.
  • Mr. Mad's plan to trap the king.
  • One actor playing more than one character all in one take.
  • Somebody the Explainer.
  • A Nancy strip where the joke revolves around knowing that people used to take their shoes off in movie theaters.
  • Show Swap day at the movie theater.
  • Waiting in the closet for the grim reaper to show up and then jumping out and being really seductive.
  • Closet-pilled.
  • Multiple people dying in the same yoga class and the grim reaper just sticks around instead of leaving and coming back.
  • Yogaing while old. (YWO.)
  • First name nervous, last name subject.
  • Born pregnant by aliens.
  • Nervous Subject vs. Nervous Object.
  • Pressing X to wisecrack.
  • Getting quests from Lord British and killing some monsters.
  • The Vic Viper and the Road British.
  • A pop culture character who hits the center of the Venn diagram.
  • Writing Mass Effect fanfiction for Glittermitten Grove
  • 10,000 Boolean variables that can be triggered by your narrative choices.
  • Narratively justifying how getting a donut leads to your death.
  • Generating alive/dead states for everybody.
  • The tortured but boring space marine guy with a tragic soldier past that isn't very interesting.
  • The girl who is just a cloud of gas under her hazard suit.
  • The man who slouches listening to the wheel revolving in the stream, yet there is no wheel there to revolve.
  • The reason the wheel turns – though there is no wheel.
  • Sitting at the end of March.
  • Deckard Bane.
  • Hortatoriness.
  • How do we feel about monarchies?
  • Tropical fruit tree drama.
  • The Miami Fruit Organization.
  • Ordering a moonbeam in a jar from Instacart.
  • Where in the fruit the seed wants to be.
  • The banana that evolved for the seed to pop out and hit you in the face as soon as you start peeling it and that's how they invented firearms.
  • Figuring out how to hold an avocado like a gun.
  • Fruit with Velcro-style hook and loop.
  • Fruit you should avoid if you have a mucous membrane.
  • Subscribing to durians for $199 per week.
  • Turning the pineapple upside down.
  • The pineapple as a symbol of hospitality.
  • A video game with many of the components a video game would have.
  • The taking robots from the System Shock series.
  • A pre-rendered background Final Fantasy 7 type deal.
  • Cinematic platformers starring spheres.
  • Conflating two games made by Francophones.
  • Namable group chats.
  • Getting a Bluesky invite just so you can park your domain.
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