240. Who Was Emily Dickinson Owning?


May 27th, 2024

1 hr 50 secs

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  • JP
  • Shepard



  • Artist Alley.
  • Scrolling down a web page and seeing a bunch of cool stuff.
  • Seeing a list and wondering "how did this list happen"?
  • Steam Farming Fest.
  • Trying to figure out what you want to do when you grow up.
  • Eating eggs and rice when you have tummy troubles.
  • The file you all edit to make the deposit slip.
  • Taking data from multiple columns and putting them all in a single list.
  • Becoming the spreadsheet wizard.
  • Installation wizards.
  • Why nobody calls a software feature a "wizard" any more
  • A window into the dialectic of wizards.
  • The LLM hype tornado.
  • Renting video software from Blockbuster.
  • Back when any media was a "tape"
  • Enumerating the kinds of MS-DOS audio hardware.
  • Emitting a blast of data.
  • Enjoying a video game in 4, 16 or 256 colors.
  • How Doom sounded on the internal PC speaker.
  • Playing multiplayer Doom on a four computer LAN where two of the computers don't have sound cards.
  • The Doom source port family tree.
  • Whether Linux supported the internal PC speaker.
  • Playing each MIDI note with the off-the-track square wave.
  • Holding on to a joke for several minutes.
  • Doing sound effects via the Roland MT-32.
  • FM synth guitars sounding more evil than real guitars.
  • Synthesizers that are fancier than other synthesizers and are therefore better.
  • The ambient music on the Doom soundtrack.
  • The Lost Vikings soundtrack.
  • Games with tracker soundtracks.
  • The tracker music era.
  • A roguelike deck builder kind of a thing.
  • A huge hit within your social horizon.
  • Beginners hoping to project intelligence and competence.
  • The kind of mixing of data and code that Lua makes easy to do.
  • How to deploy a Love2D game to consoles.
  • A cool game idea that's just a bunch of cards doing stuff.
  • Sean Barrett's STB libraries.
  • The ability to change your mind without having to throw away a bunch of work.
  • Ambient complexity vs. intrinsic complexity.
  • Hot takes escaping containment.
  • The Celeste character controller.
  • Software security practices that do not apply to a single player indie game.
  • Looking at code and seeing all the things that it used to be.
  • Looking at code solving a problem in a domain you are unfamiliar with.
  • An Emily Dickinson poem that reads like a response to an argument she had at dinner.
  • Situations where you can directly observe what's happening.
  • All the filters preventing you from bursting out into song.
  • Esprit de escalier.
  • Who was Emily Dickinson owning?
  • A contempt for faith and a sense that microscopes are good.
  • Knowing that nobody reads your blog, but taking satisfaction in the knowledge that someone hypothetically could.
  • Excavating spiritual truth from apocryphal ramblings.
  • The app that holds all the texts you don't send for ransom.
  • Digging through people's trash but with fewer steps.
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