241. Brad Garrett Must Eat!


June 3rd, 2024

59 mins 11 secs

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  • My Brother the Car.
  • A card game that is not totally random.
  • Deciding to focus on something else in 2020.
  • Rock Paper Scissors vs. Rock Scissors Paper.
  • Which of the twins to take a kidney from
  • Committing to a bit that breaks the rhythm of what people expect you to say.
  • Making a game where people get crushed by debt but making it fun.
  • Everybody Loves Raymond.
  • Sitcoms that have plenty of opportunity to disappoint you.
  • A show that lives and dies in the performance.
  • Nine years to stop trying.
  • The most profitable sitcom of all time.
  • Adapting Raymond.
  • Ray Romano explaining the concept of having parents to a puzzled audience.
  • The kind of argument where both people make sense and are both trying to be nice.
  • Trying to be nice but failing.
  • 'Til Death.
  • The demeanor of a revenant.
  • Whether Brad Garrett listens to this show.
  • Hitting 100 episodes and going into syndication.
  • Musicians needing a body that can strike.
  • Writing an increasingly ludicrous sitcom for an audience of nobody.
  • A son who is always on the wacky tobacky.
  • A sitcom husband who notices that his wife has been recast and realizes he's on a sitcom.
  • Continuing to give Brad Garrett chances to star in sitcoms because he's so tall.
  • A sitcom that made you feel seen.
  • The workplace sitcom vs. the domestic sitcom.
  • Aimlessness in a post-Seinfeld era.
  • Abed Ghaith's striptease.
  • Is that Abed Ghaith's penis in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  • Claw game skill issues.
  • A billionaire trying to figure out how best to do good in the world and who decides to operate several generous claw machines.
  • Decorating a desk space with a pocket full of miniature delights.
  • Mona Lisa Breakdancing.
  • The rice cooker that King Piccolo was trapped in.
  • Rubik's Cube but all the faces are Mahjong tiles.
  • The coolest and most popular racial atrocity.
  • Ramen Man vs. Kikko Man.
  • A bowl of ramen in the shape of a tube.
  • Homer Simpson: visual ripoff of Kinnikuman.
  • Seeing an aquarium fish that looks just slightly too human.
  • Reading a book about bugs and itching like mad.
  • Worrying that you are ruining eyes for yourself.
  • Famous JAV title "Reincarnated as a Spider"
  • Conveying the idea of receiving a DM on social media to a television audience.
  • My face in a tube dot com.
  • Saying "youshmoob" really fast and hoping nobody notices.
  • Wanting to put a Russian Roulette scene in your TV show but being unable to negotiate the rights to Russian Roulette from ELORG so you need to hire Alexey Pajitnov to design a replacement game.
  • A joke that is very funny when you explain it but impossible to convey in any known medium.
  • The flag that says "bang!"
  • The Joker not being confident enough in his jokes so he has to use laughing gas.
  • Silent Comedy Joker has to work a bit harder.
  • Naming a difficulty level after a pop culture allusion to babies.
  • The ending of a Clockwork Orange in the UK depicting the protagonist as deciding to renounce violence and become a better person, but in the US they omitted that chapter because it's unrealistic.
  • The UK edition of A Clockwork Orange depicting the protagonist renouncing violence and becoming a better person so he joins the police force, whereas in the US edition the protagonist decides to remain brutal and violent so he joins the police force.
  • Where's the bridge, Larkin?
  • This be the verse you grave for me.
  • Poets being jerks to all different kinds of people.
  • Kefka creating a tower of garbage in Final Fantasy while everyone tries to convince him it's worthwhile to have a family.
  • Which kids inspired Lord of the Flies.
  • Suggesting that your mom read Chainsaw Man Part 1 so that you can talk to her about grief.
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