239. Public Universal Snoopy


May 20th, 2024

50 mins 13 secs

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  • Working through mental struggles in the form of Zelda dungeons.
  • Donating to Red Cross for Snoopy Merch.
  • Snoopy's place in the cultural zeitgeist.
  • Transcending Peanuts.
  • Who doesn't want a fun bird friend?
  • Crocheting and knitting making a major comeback.
  • Every year is the year of Linux on the Desktop.
  • Influencers wearing a Snoopy merch.
  • NASA sending Snoopy to the Moon.
  • Giving your merch to NASA for free but charging the shit out of movie makers trying to make documentaries or authentic space movies.
  • Animals that are already so good they didn't need to keep evolving.
  • Leaving bacteria off your list because you couldn't even see them.
  • A little blobby thing.
  • Scientists trying to write for the general public.
  • Naming an organism after the concept of having three eyes when it only has two eyes.
  • Having two good eyes but evolving a third shitty eye just to annoy people.
  • Running executables of completely unknown provenance.
  • A game that was plausibly created by aliens if you haven't played very many interesting games.
  • Making up an incredible back story for your game to explain why you have no idea why colors work.
  • Good Wild Combo vs. Unused Insurance Bonus.
  • Looking up the artist of a work you loved in the 90s and they're still out there tooting.
  • Wizened game developers posting on social media about their farm animals.
  • Designing interfaces for the phone.
  • Finding out that a person made a work you loved and preferring to have imagined it came from space.
  • Striving to be a cozy follow.
  • Retweeting a thing that does not make people angry.
  • Putting the poise in poison.
  • Inherently terrifying bodies of water.
  • A big fish that's touching you now.
  • A level of repetition that is bordering on too much.
  • Songs of Love, Death and Pleasure.
  • Deliberately blurring the line between poems and songs.
  • The Emulators-on-iOS era.
  • Kirby Canvas Curse.
  • Playing Super Mario Land on a TI-84 calculator.
  • What old Nintendo games work well on an iPhone.
  • The EU repeatedly forcing Apple to get its shit together.
  • One- and two-thumbed smartphones.
  • The Society of Universal Friends.
  • The thought process that led to the creation of Human Snoopy.
  • The Cat Snoopy phenomenon.
  • Snoopy as a Psychonauts character.
  • Snoopy enjoying a pile of human femurs.
  • The Notorious PUF.
  • Someone who was interesting enough to enter the historical record.
  • An attempt to seize the Friend and carry them off in an oxcart.
  • The distinction between abstinence and celibacy, and whether it exists now or in the 19th century.
  • The Mouth of the Lord.
  • Naming yourself after a branch of the government.
  • DMing people on Discord.
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