180. We Are All Stardust Poop

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  • Ichiro
  • Adam


  • I learned how to animate by watching cartoons as a child (and I'm curious what else folks absorbed as a child that impacted the kind of adult they became)
  • I created a Totally Human Rapper that can read up on a game and cut a rap video.
  • Frog Fractions is banned from AGDQ
  • "Frog Fractions" by Totally Human Rapper
  • Tiny Mass Games small games cycle.


  • One of the episodes with a cold open.
  • Live from New York, it's.
  • Using ocean water as a mixer.
  • Being of poop and returning to poop.
  • Using the Boston river as a mixer.
  • Learning everything you know about love from Robotech.
  • Losing your fiancee and marrying an alien instead.
  • Paying $6/hr to play a MUD.
  • Corresponding with your MUD lover via dead tree letters.
  • Playing a MUD and cheating on one avatar with another avatar and eventually realizing that they are played by the same person.
  • Sleep is Death.
  • The cool part of the Metaverse circa 2005.
  • Learning what human relationships look like by watching Saturday morning cartoons.
  • Sarah and Duck.
  • Pocoyo.
  • Busting ghosts. (A very important time in a boy's life.)
  • Retired Men's Nude Beach Volleyball League.
  • The center of your Venn diagram as a creator.
  • Ichiro Paydirt.
  • If Tank Girl were a streamer.
  • Endless Seinfeld pulling a Microsoft Tay.
  • The year of the deluge of AI generated crap.
  • Making a BBS door game about traveling into space.
  • Zooming out of yourself and looking at it with ghost eyes.
  • A game that appears to be family-friendly but is actually porn-adjacent.
  • The Timic skip.
  • A very respectful way to play Frog Fractions.
  • The two concessions Jim made to game design in the Frog Fractions remaster.
  • Catering to the you demographic.
  • Blanking on Tim Ambrogi's name.
  • Noted base jumping game "ahh"
  • An underlying engine that just won't swear.
  • Saying something interesting enough to be debated by a bunch of people.
  • Stemming the tide of mediocrity across streaming platforms.
  • The value of making dinner for two people vs. making art for millions of people.
  • Having a thought in your head and wanting people to hear it.
  • Gluing all the ports shut.
  • Games that gradually destroy themselves.
  • Follow the Frog, an arcade action adventure.
  • Where Totally Human Rapper gets his ideas.
  • How to jailbreak ChatGPT.
  • A deck building auto battler without the deck.
  • A well-scoped game design.
  • Not really having anything to say but loving to wrestle with language.
  • An AI generated game about AI generated games.
  • Polishing a prototype enough to put it in front of a mass audience.
  • Rating AI-generated food.
  • Synergies and combinatorics.
  • The development process for each Frog Fractions game.
  • Answering to ask things.
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