179. Get Bad


March 27th, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 2 secs

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  • Alex
  • Shannon



  • Games that you should not play if you get addicted to games.
  • Roguelikes that take a reasonable amount of time to play if you are bad at them.
  • We're Not That Bad!™
  • The Sunnyvale Singers.
  • Producing music with a piano.
  • Two guards, one who can't read a book and the other one who can read a book aloud but doesn't know the language.
  • Buttons corresponding to the doots.
  • Given a starting note, figuring out what the next note is supposed to be.
  • Not being able to sight sing but faking it by looking at the vertical distance between notes.
  • Music direction reading "lower than you think" (but in Italian)
  • Knowing the chord progressions to 10,000 pop songs.
  • Ways to make music.
  • Moving between shapes even without hearing them.
  • Playing accompaniment to silent films.
  • Improvising music differently each time.
  • Pliny the Elder describing the camel leopard.
  • An animal with the neck of a horse but the head of a camel.
  • A bigness answering thereto.
  • Enjoying the alligator too much.
  • A curse on four legs, equally pernicious on land and river.
  • Inflating the chameleon.
  • Spontaneous generation.
  • Horned ghosts catapulting themselves around.
  • Hunting an elephant by tricking it into leaning on a tree that won't support it.
  • Whether elephants have knees.
  • Vultures gestating for three years and giving live birth.
  • Vultures and condors reproducing without mating.
  • Your good friend Ms. Paint.
  • Naming your dog a Japanese-sounding name with no regard to Japanese phonotactics and then arguing with people who try to correct you.
  • Baking a cake that is 80% vanilla extract.
  • A poem in the options of a Tumblr poll.
  • Starting from a point of trust but slowly starting to doubt yourself.
  • Orpheus and Eurydice.
  • A poignant way of putting the reader in the character's frame of mind.
  • The value of Oregon Trail.
  • Iterating the Orpheus and Eurydice prisoner's dilemma, where whether looking back is the right move is different every time.
  • Choosing to buy a certain amount of supplies and watching that not work out for you and the character you named after your best friend in the media lab dies.
  • Extremely short form interactive fiction.
  • Making an important decision and never finding out if it was the right decision.
  • Performing Sicilian Reasoning to finesse the outcome of this online cake ingredient poll.
  • Making a perfect stairway in an online poll.
  • Making a phone app to help people choose the best option in the cake ingredient poll.
  • Instantly teleporting from your seat on the flight to the entrance to your destination airport.
  • Teleporting from the TSA interrogation room to the entrance of the airport.
  • Teleportation gravity wells.
  • Establishing an international airport out of your home.
  • Hoping the cops never figure out that you can only teleport to the entrance of an airport.
  • Stuperpowers
  • Gerrymandering your teleport destinations.
  • An international airport that is 100 miles long and 1 centimeter wide.
  • Asking a friend to convince you that a certain building is an international airport.
  • Drinking a glass of water while standing on your head to convince yourself of what an airport is.
  • Hiccups Gone Install.
  • You Only Get Screamered Once.
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