141. Toast In Its Original Format


July 4th, 2022

1 hr 6 mins 10 secs

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  • Avery
  • Jesse



  • How to sound like a douchebag if you are a programmer who lives in Oakland.
  • A Social Security Number that has way too many sixes in it.
  • A disc that is the same size as an LP but looks like a CD and has a movie on it.
  • Arcade games breaking whenever you transport them.
  • Laserdiscs rusting.
  • Integrating the likely degradation of the viewing medium into the piece itself.
  • The Matrix on Betamax.
  • The guy who owns all the Betamax players in your province.
  • The canonical paths to becoming a Laserdisc collector.
  • All the criteria used to curate the Criterion Collection.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of CAV discs over CLV.
  • Getting off the couch to flip the disc over halfway through the movie.
  • Asking your robot butler to flip the Laserdisc over.
  • Potoooooooo.
  • Seeing the name of the Wii for the first time and wondering if it's a typo for World War 2 or if it's a typo for WiFi.
  • Finding the They Live sunglasses and finally being able to read the Snickers ads.
  • The three racehorses that all thoroughbred racehorses are descended from.
  • Knowing more about the history of racehorses than about your own family tree, because racehorses are worth more than people.
  • War booty from the battle of Vienna.
  • The General Studbook.
  • Going blind in one eye from staying up for three days straight doing logarithms.
  • Bell Right Hooks and Cuban Menstrual Crisis.
  • Whether the clown face registry still exists for juggalos.
  • Nothing Sweet About Bees.
  • What happened to bread?
  • Your basic 4:3 bread vs. 4K ultra-wide bread.
  • Your favorite toaster from the 1940s.
  • A four slice toaster kind of day.
  • Making food better with science and it's going to be way better than nature because it's science.
  • Convincing Mr. Smeg not to put his name on the toasters his company manufactures.
  • What market research firm decided that podcast listeners want underwear and mattresses.
  • Constant angular velocity: the only way to rewind a movie.
  • A magnetic poetry set that includes the word "Kafkaesque."
  • How Kafkaesque the miscreant insects are.
  • Whether Jim has ever touched any other human being.
  • How Zoomers don't know about Graggle Simpson.
  • A possible scenario that is metaphysically close to our own.
  • How metaphysically close Canada is to the United States.
  • Getting up at 4pm every day and bowling.
  • A 3D model recreation of five-pin bowling.
  • The amount of data visualization competence that went into dimensions.com.
  • Candlepin and Duckpin bowling.
  • The dimensions of various famous bowlers.
  • Getting a parakeet and finding out how much water it displaces.
  • Making a flask out of a parakeet so people think you just brought your pet parakeet to work and aren't drinking on the job.
  • Buying a propane tank to use as a water bottle.
  • What's wrong with Jim's listeners?
  • Karate tournaments in the 80s and 90s.
  • Assuming Avery's identity and looking in the mirror.
  • To Mock A Mockingbird.
  • Certified Bird Mockers.
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