140. The Most Edible Petrochemical


June 27th, 2022

1 hr 15 mins 9 secs

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  • The James Webb Space Telescope.
  • The thing you get the most DMs about.
  • Recording a fan's answering machine message in the Mario Frustration voice.
  • The guy who "fixed" the NES triangle wave.
  • Bandlimiting your oscillators.
  • What the real Lordheads know.
  • Another place to shitpost.
  • 3D entertainment.
  • Deku momentum problems.
  • The analog stick mod for Mario 64 DS.
  • A remaster that is in direct conversation with what it's remastering.
  • The pros and cons of Mario 64 DS.
  • Abandoned let's-plays.
  • Waterworld for the Virtual Boy.
  • Wario Ware and Rhythm Heaven.
  • How to give Nintendo money in 2022.
  • Prodigy Child Wins Every Award Given.
  • Pausing movies to read the nonsense headlines that the prop designers didn't expect you to read.
  • Pausing the movie to complain about the nonsensical Scrabble game depicted.
  • A movie about people who don't know how to play Clue.
  • A mahjongg game that is a literary microcosm of the players' lives.
  • Leaning across the couch to your girlfriend and saying "that's Chappie's chess game."
  • Playing Super Mario Bros. with the Power Glove.
  • The Steam reviews for the 8-bit wrestling game that appears for three seconds in The Wrestler.
  • The only digital camera that was under $100 in the 90s.
  • How to get images off of the Game Boy Camera.
  • Hooking together a TV, VCR, SNES, Super Game Boy and Game Boy Camera and plugging it in with a very long extension cord so you can shoot a movie outdoors.
  • An in-your-face student film about what happens when computers can detect emotion.
  • Using your Game Boy Camera as a webcam on Twitch.
  • The Game Boy Camera's music sequencer.
  • The Game Boy Camera asking ROM hackers if they are feeling ok.
  • The Gold Zelda Camera.
  • The gold Breath of the Wild cartridge that tastes like the Master Sword.
  • The Cool Cam.
  • The Lefty RX.
  • Ranking candy by its volume to surface area ratio.
  • Getting sick of candy corn naysayers.
  • Wax Lips: Ya Gotta Eat 'Em!
  • A powder that's been glued into a little puck.
  • What the American Oil and Gas Historical Society has to say about wax lips.
  • The oleaginous history of wax lips.
  • Edible dinosaur bones.
  • Bananasaurus Rex-flavored string cheese.
  • The Genius of the Hero falling to the Middling Stature of the Merely Talented.
  • Looking back on your best work and knowing you'll probably never best it but still liking your life more now.
  • A short story with extra line breaks.
  • Turning any text into a poem by resizing the window so there are extra line breaks.
  • Robert Altman's follow-up to MASH.
  • A retelling of Icarus featuring the wicked witch saying a slur.
  • What it means to be conscious.
  • Godel, Escher, Bach: I am a Strange Loop except more confusing.
  • Writing a book for the general public and having to figure out how to make your ideas fun.
  • Searching YouTube for "Crab Cannon" and only finding music for weirdos and no cannons of any kind.
  • Martin Gardner's column about math games in Scientific American.
  • Metamagical Themas.
  • Using math to do fun space stuff.
  • Stream Frasier Online Free.
  • Rubik's Cube except spelled like an asshole.
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