223. Three Hats To Scoop Up A Mouse


January 29th, 2024

1 hr 12 mins 38 secs

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  • Knitting patterns are open source clothing
  • This one weird trick will make your videogame feel original
    • Esper says: "JRPGs are just menu games. Everything that's happening is an option in a menu doing some math, there's almost never timing involved. Why do they have to be 'battles?' I've always wanted to make a JRPG set in 1990 where instead of getting in battles, you're just a band from Detroit on tour. There's probably enough going on that you could make interesting JRPG 'battles' and story and characters out of that. 'Audience response' as an HP meter that goes up instead of down, I guess."
  • I noticed myself using insert. It turns out I use insert.
  • https://genius.com/Shel-silverstein-the-garden-annotated
    • Esper says: "The best summation of Black Mirror I ever heard was: 'Can I have an apple?' 'No, there are only Cyber Apples.' 'Can I have a Cyber Apple?' 'No.'"
  • Aphantasia but for audiation. Is that a thing?


  • Wool socks.
  • The thing Jim heard about wool.
  • Making a rope out of human hair.
  • Whether there are multiple Columbos or just one.
  • Which one of you is the programmer and which one is the rubber duck?
  • A human 3D printer.
  • Keeping your hands busy.
  • Stim vs. fidget.
  • How to end a conversation that is not during a D&D session.
  • Discovering that your entire personality is a coping mechanism.
  • YarnTube.
  • The fine line between dressing like a grandma and dressing like a really slutty grandma.
  • It's a tube. Figure it out.
  • Doing it badly until you figure out how to do it better.
  • Making a game that is fun even if it doesn't have health bars.
  • Instead of doing the easy and obvious things, do something really hard instead.
  • Why video games have conflict.
  • Disaccord between you and everyone else in the video game.
  • Definitely arguably.
  • Kids learning from people who are not their parents.
  • Smashing a bunch of things together until fun emerges.
  • It's not a game where you jump over pits and it's not a game where you hit people with swords so what even is it??
  • Dating anime ladies by clicking through text.
  • A caveat among recommenders.
  • Video game dialog that makes you feel conflicted about shooting Nazis.
  • Remembering people's tweets.
  • The Rule of Thirds of video game dialog.
  • Executing a bad idea very well.
  • No One Weird Trick for learning to play cello.
  • The insert key as part of your typing repertoire.
  • Whether pause/break still works.
  • A keyboard without the LinkedIn key.
  • Getting your grandma online.
  • Pushing the pizza key on the keyboard and the CD-ROM drive opens and there it is.
  • Rifled plumbing that allows sewage to flow in a clockwise spiral while clean water flows in a counterclockwise spiral and they never touch.
  • A surprise poem where none of your fruit is food.
  • How to make a poem fit on Pinterest.
  • No combat in my poems.
  • Doing your best to make a good thing but never thinking your own work is good even after you experience great success.
  • A grocery list with a Black Mirror twist ending.
  • Having money in Venmo but you need to sign up for Venmo to get it.
  • Listening to a thing if you want to know what it sounds like.
  • Anauralia: the silent mind.
  • It takes your whole brain to be you, it doesn't have time to be other people too.
  • Not watching Black Mirror so that you can believe everyone when they tell you lies about Black Mirror.
  • It was Emma Thompson all along.
  • The difficulty of remembering Maggie Gyllenhaal.
  • Getting ripped while sitting motionless at your desk.
  • That fat jiggling machine from the 50s.
  • A weighted hula hoop to massage your guts.
  • Jorts Horse.
  • A bunch of millennials shitposting.
  • Trying to distribute your games locally by stapling a floppy disk to a telephone pole
  • Microtransaction pump games.
  • Sneaking into an arcade with a new arcade game in your back pocket and furtively shoving your new game between two existing arcade games.
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