224. Following A Garden Hose Around In The Dark


February 5th, 2024

1 hr 10 mins 21 secs

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  • When I paint my nails I don't paint my thumbnails. This is because I see my thumbnails all day long but I don't see my other fingernails nearly as often, and so every time I do I'm like "Whoa!!!!"
  • Jukebox griefing
  • Nintendo farmed out the development of Donkey Kong to an outside dev team, because they didn't have an in-house video game team yet. Donkey Kong was that team's first game. Their second game was Zaxxon.
  • Hypothetical explanations for the paradox
  • Thinking about RGB color programming for games, then wondering about how the color actually happens on monitors.
  • Bach drew a loopy doodle at the top of the cover of his original manuscript of "The Well Tempered Clavier". It looks like he was just warming up his pen-hand, but scholars have been arguing for years that it contains secret codes about how to well-temper a clavier


  • Interactive Fiction Land.
  • Panoptikum Budapest.
  • Bumpy Grumpy's emotional arc.
  • Frantic Frank.
  • Men and male-presenting persons with painted nails.
  • Painting just one fingernail dark green and wondering whether that's a hankie code thing.
  • What's going on with my thumbs?
  • Your non-thumb fingernails.
  • Painting your nails and repeatedly rediscovering them.
  • Looking like an android. (But in a cool way.)
  • Forehead loaves.
  • Starting to pay attention to where your fingers are.
  • Why not to wear a magnetic nose stud.
  • Being old enough to remember when you had to walk up to the jukebox to queue up Beat It by Michael Jackson ten times in a row.
  • Getting into a jukebox griefing war with someone you've never met.
  • Walking up to the jukebox and typing in the binary code of the WAV file you want to play.
  • Binary data played back at audio rates.
  • The math describing Mario's jump arc.
  • Making the first racing video game and thinking "well that's racing games sorted."
  • Satoru Iwata's understanding of Mario's last name.
  • Mario: a weird little dude.
  • Drill Dozer.
  • How to run a video game business when games are sold on cassette tape for six pounds which is way too heavy for a video game.
  • Platformers where you go off the edge of the screen and end up on another screen and each screen has a name.
  • Inflation hypothesis and the youngness argument.
  • Earth is purposefully isolated. (Planetarium hypothesis.)
  • They are here undetected vs. they are here unacknowledged.
  • Arguing about a sexy robot.
  • Ironically Sexy Robots
  • The Fudd Paradox, by Ray Bradbury.
  • People who just want to toss salad and don't want to know about your weird slang.
  • Gender-expansive anthropomorphic rabbits.
  • Blank verse vs. free verse.
  • Burning Monkey Solitaire.
  • What your cat sees when he's swatting at Kratos.
  • How blue is blue?
  • Watching old episodes of Bob Ross and you can't follow along any more because they don't make Mummy Brown anymore.
  • The Opaque See-Through TV.
  • Seeing a see-through TV at CES and asking the guy at the booth what use case is of a see-through TV and he's like "to look cool at CES."
  • Ribbed monitors.
  • The secret textures of the Nintendo 3DS.
  • All kinds of words that you don't know how to pronounce.
  • The Moogseum.
  • Bach's looping doodle.
  • The structure of the J.S. Bach speedrunning community.
  • A community obsessing over minutia and never worrying about whether it's true or important because it's just some bullshit you made up and agreed to care about.
  • Hungry music theorists who need human connection.
  • Sponsoring AGDQ with your clavier etudes.
  • Black MIDI.
  • Using up all the claviers in the world during your clavier speedrunning event.
  • The Fetaverse.
  • Making an arcade cabinet.
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