108. Sitting And Being Angry At Your Phone


November 15th, 2021

1 hr 21 mins 57 secs

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  • Mark
  • Shirley


  • Neuroscience!
  • Fertility tracking is more complicated than I realized.
  • When it turns out that a character in a movie is movie-star hot because it's a plot point, rather than because they're portrayed by a movie star, and I guess then the audience is supposed to pretend all the other characters, also played by movie stars, just look like regular schlubs.
  • Immortal - Call Of The Wintermoon
  • Tiktok food trends that are more about elaborate assembly than flavors.


  • A band from Sweden that just released a demo.
  • Album art with a big giant snake and a shirtless barbarian dude whipping a mace at a guy.
  • A punk band composed of mixed race middle school riot grrls.
  • Speaking to a rude 12 year old and running off to write a bitchin' punk song about it.
  • Observing someone's career arc via the podcasts they guest on.
  • Talking yourself out of being a scientist.
  • Helping people with early-stage dementia manage activities of daily living.
  • An acquired language problem.
  • Adapting to not being in an abusive workplace environment.
  • How a process improvement is received when you suggest it to your BevMo manager vs. when you suggest it to the head of your neuroscience lab.
  • How every retail store is as understaffed as possible by design.
  • Switching from a retail job to an office job and suddenly being trusted to decide when to go to the bathroom.
  • How the world might be different if the people in charge had to live in the world they created.
  • Thriving in Our Hypercapitalist Dystopia.
  • Trying to have a kid and learning a whole bunch about your own body in the process.
  • Giving kids facts instead of ideology or even advice.
  • Going to pregnancy club and wondering if there's an aspirational pregnancy club.
  • Taking your temperature when you emerge from slumber.
  • Peeing on sticks. (A medical process.)
  • Not trying, not preventing.
  • Cervical mucus.
  • A bad batch of kombucha can kill you, and other ways kombucha is like a pregnancy.
  • Being naturally blessed with high motility sperm.
  • Asking your doctor if you should run a bunch of tests and they're like "just chill" and you're like "take my blood, please"
  • The science of trying-adjacent.
  • Drinking too deeply of the colloidal silver.
  • A bookish nerd who is portrayed by one of the most attractive humans on the planet but they're wearing glasses.
  • The incomparable Finn Carter.
  • Trying to cast an actor to play an unattractive person but Steve Buscemi is busy and you can't find a single other ugly actor so you cast Scarlet Johansson and have the makeup department put her in uglyface.
  • Doing an image search for "ugly actors" and every single result is of a South Asian and freaking out until you find out that there's a Bollywood movie called "Ugly."
  • Putting "the frumpy one" from a movie in a room next to a bunch of normal people and realizing that you need to blow way past the conventionally-attractive bell curve to even be allowed into Los Angeles.
  • A music video that was shot on VHS and uploaded to 2006-era Youtube.
  • Goth clowns scowling and looking out from behind trees.
  • A troupe of grumpy goth clowns in leather daddy outfits discovering and exploring ancient ruins.
  • Cutting your frenulum so you can stick out your tongue as far as Gene Simmons and waking up choking on your tongue meat every night.
  • Grumpy goth clowns crouching in doorways.
  • Hearing a variety of different screams and growls.
  • Training to scream for several hours a day, every day, without ruining your screamy bits.
  • Doing the crabcore thing decades before crabcore.
  • Googling "candlemass bewitched" for a good time.
  • Watching TikTok on Reddit because you're old.
  • Extremely simple and compelling recipes that can't possibly work and will in fact cause a fire in your chicken.
  • Making bad content to make people mad.
  • Trying to redefine porn as anything you enjoy.
  • Making a series of recipe videos with your nonstandard measuring cups so people need to buy your weird measuring cups to follow along.
  • Elsagate.
  • J. Kenji Lopez-Alt.
  • Hard boiling a million eggs to scientifically determine that you're super sick of eating eggs.
  • Food Wishes.
  • That's Just You Cookin'.
  • A cool chef with a cool attitude.
  • A chef with a cadence of speaking that really annoys your dad.
  • Learning to improvise when faced with an unexpected situation.
  • How to get joy out of cooking.
  • The fugu preparation certification.
  • Watching somebody spend five minutes washing some extremely starchy rice.
  • Having two gimmicks.
  • A knife that you can also use as a spatula.
  • Using fresh stream water in your forest cooking videos.
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