109. Ultra Rare Cheeto Shaped Like Batman Crying


November 22nd, 2021

1 hr 8 mins 53 secs

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  • Collectable cheetos on Ebay
  • Japanese websites are stuck in the 90s. Any theories?
  • Medieval European and ancient Egyptian philosophy.
  • Brad asks "Denatured alcohol: alcohol that has poison added to it to prevent people drinking it. What other things do we / could we intentionally pollute to restrict their usage?"
  • The unusual puzzles of StarTropics.


  • Defining poop by its shape.
  • The lava of the human body.
  • The Content Distribution Baby growing up into a Content Distribution Man.
  • An angry internet mob that won't say why they're angry so you just have to fix every problem until they go away.
  • Legally changing your name to add a silent and invisible Bitcoin logo.
  • Searching for collectible Cheetos on eBay.
  • A Cheeto shaped like a lobster claw.
  • Putting a Cheeto shaped like a cockatiel on eBay for months but nobody's buying so you give up and eat it.
  • Whether there is a subculture of investors collecting rare Cheetos on eBay or if it's just a subculture of people listing Cheetos on eBay as a joke.
  • heritageauctionsforcheetos.com
  • Bidding $40,000 on a Cheeto shaped like Harambe when you have no intention of paying, because the worst that can happen is that your eBay score goes down by one point.
  • Buying a penis-shaped collectible Cheeto for $1.40 but still waiting on it because it got caught up in escrow.
  • Bidding on an eBay auction and walking away when you get outbid.
  • Looking at collectible Cheeto auctions and then eBay won't stop trying to sell you posters of ladies canoodling.
  • Cheeto misprints and their value on the collectors market.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger if his legs were joined together like a seal.
  • The web sites we visited back before the internet had the power to reach into the real world and strangle it.
  • A search engine optimized to return pages that are mostly static text.
  • Loading the bottom of your web page with keywords.
  • Keeping a designer on payroll so that every few years your interface can alternate between having gradients and being flat.
  • Asking Jeeves things and he tells you the answers, like a modern day Delphi.
  • Let's play: Flaming Hot Cheetos or Freezing Cold Cheetos?
  • A cheerleader pyramid made of butlers.
  • Scraping Wikipedia and formating the results like a book.
  • A postcard with a picture of Kim Jong Un saying "Live, Laugh, Love."
  • Pharaoh culture.
  • A Canticle for Liebowitz.
  • Medieval monks stumbling into a bomb shelter.
  • Making an illuminated manuscript of instructions on how to build a bomb so you can give it to the Pope.
  • The Learned Bede.
  • The four dudes in your culture who can write and create original work.
  • Kingdoms in medieval Europe, centered around the manors of rich noble Romans.
  • Nearly everyone dying from the plague so all the public servants are in their early teens.
  • Intelligible Forms.
  • Aristotelean ideas about science.
  • Going real alien.
  • Ultra Rare Cheeto Shaped Like The Venerable Bede.
  • The first dinosaur of Egypt.
  • Inventing the razor because of your unsightly back hair.
  • Waking up from anesthetic to find that the surgeon shaved body parts nowhere near the incision site, "because you're a hairy beast."
  • First, do no hair.
  • The Egyptian book of the Dead.
  • The Egyptian conception of the afterlife, where you go underground and a guy with a crocodile head weighs your heart against the Feather of Truth and if your heart balances, you get to sit in a long line with your male predecessors for eternity, and that's the best possible outcome.
  • Religions competing to provide the best afterlife.
  • When we as a species learned to attach afterlife outcomes to ethical behavior, as opposed to dying in battle.
  • Having a dream once where all the great kings, after they die they go to the House of Dust and eat clay for eternity, and deciding that that's a fact. That's canon now.
  • The nine parts of the soul.
  • Being constantly surrounded, your whole life, by monuments to death big enough to see from space.
  • Adding a scent to natural gas so that you can smell when it's filling your house.
  • Whether antifreeze is sweet and if so can a cat taste antifreeze.
  • How one might test whether cats can taste sweet.
  • Tongue meat analysis: a great way to tell.
  • The Inverted Qualia Problem.
  • Asking a cat if it can taste sweet, and the cat asks "what does sweet mean" and you say "sweet my internal experience when I put these white crystals in my mouth" and the cat is like "I also have an internal experience when I put these white crystals in my mouth."
  • A video game related topic.
  • Trying to locate your missing uncle who has been abducted by aliens.
  • A video game NPC asking you for a password and to find it you can to have to dip the video game's manual in water in real life.
  • An 80s video game puzzle that requires you to be familiar with solfege to solve it.
  • How you could get away with a lot more bullshit back in the 80s.
  • The experience of suddenly realizing that it's the piece of paper.
  • Going into a portable trailer made up like a cool bachelor pad and noticing that you don't have a reflection in the mirror and upon further examination realizing that the mirror is actually a window into the same room reversed, down to the clock running counterclockwise.
  • Sneaking irrelevant puzzles into someone else's room escape game.
  • Forcing the employees of an escape room to escape an escape room of their own. (Jail.)
  • The ultimate unrequited high five.
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