171. Reasons To Not Throw Your Phone In The Ocean


January 30th, 2023

1 hr 9 mins 48 secs

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  • CisHetKayFaber
  • Kev



  • First time long time.
  • A very light hobby that is kind of shallow.
  • Getting really into Rubik's Cube because you already love flash cards.
  • Being reminded of something right before you were about to forget it.
  • How best to memorize pizza coding and microphone specs.
  • Ignoring the room and being annoyed when people talk to you.
  • Work life balance being too tilted toward life
  • The King's Hand.
  • Orange Creamsicle Mashed Potatoes.
  • M&M fingernails.
  • A tweet and what happened with it.
  • Biting something with the wrong texture and having to stare at a wall for ten minutes.
  • UTF-8 character encoding.
  • Adding support for Asian languages to Unicode without consulting any native speakers for advice.
  • The international new global meme language of the internet.
  • PuzzleMania.
  • All the downsides of doing a crossword on paper.
  • Words that just happen a lot when you're constructing a crossword puzzle.
  • The Elden Ring of crossword puzzles.
  • Doing the crossword puzzle on paper so that when you're done you can say "looks right to me" and there's no app to tell you you're wrong.
  • Reading crossword puzzle clues to your wife as she falls asleep.
  • A time traveler from the future who invented time travel to bring us excellent children's songs.
  • A national treasure (Canada)
  • A fly wearing a tie, a bear combing its hair, a llama eating pajamas, &c.
  • A song intended to be performed improvisationally.
  • Extending the finger family song by adding more fingers.
  • Messing the cadence up with your fake mother voice.
  • Where the watermelons roam.
  • A mom saying nonsense that really makes you think.
  • Avoiding your mom because she keeps saying weird shit about a goose kissing a moose.
  • Unlocking a branch of a storyline by fulfilling a set of conditions.
  • Subverting overused fantasy tropes.
  • Finding a cool castle by going down a secret cliffside stairway into a hidden cave.
  • Systems that point you everywhere on the map.
  • Secrets of all sorts of scopes.
  • The Doom thing where they point out that you didn't find all the secrets.
  • Frog Fractions containing Rule 34 of itself.
  • Reacting to five-tined fork.
  • The fork optimization function that decided that four is the right number of tines.
  • Unknowing a conversation.
  • A Victorian flex of a fork.
  • When die-casting was invented.
  • A shovel with teeth.
  • Seven-tined sporks.
  • The Pornography Lord.
  • Human pairings and human activities that you would expect there to be pornography of.
  • Linda Hunt smugly declaring "ass to ass"
  • AI pornographers buying sex dice on eBay.
  • Weird combinations of words you can plug into a search engine.
  • People don't want everything; people only want some things.
  • The Frog Fractions pornography gap.
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