170. My Brain Likes The Things I Like


January 23rd, 2023

1 hr 8 mins 52 secs

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  • The album you finished.
  • A song that is entirely made of uncleared samples.
  • Turning leftover pumpkin pie into delicious pumpkin spice curry.
  • Interactive Pico-8 holiday cards.
  • Artificial constraints pegged at a level of technology somewhere in the 80s.
  • Writing specs for Pico-16 so that you don't accidentally make Pico-16 when you're making Pico-8.
  • Seeking a box to work within.
  • The most played entry in your Steam library is something your kids left running for weeks.
  • A collection of 50 games made for a console that never existed.
  • List of Fantasy Consoles.
  • The fantasy console hidden as an Easter egg in the Frog Fractions hat DLC.
  • Four joysticks in your garage waiting for an arcade machine to be installed into.
  • Languages that transpile to Lua.
  • Emulating the PlayStation 9.
  • A fantasy console for making 4D games.
  • A popular game engine that starts with the letters UN.
  • Civilisation's relationship with art.
  • Hop's Big Adventure in the Gift Dimension.
  • All the problems with Lua.
  • The Pico-8 show with the Pico-Lords.
  • All the things people were doing in the 80s.
  • Playing an inaudible guitar.
  • The sound of somebody being chased.
  • All the good Meat Loaf albums.
  • An inspiring thing that shows up a lot in your life.
  • A hip hop album entirely devoid of metaphor.
  • Listening to the first fifteen seconds of each song on an album.
  • Drums that are emblematic of everything you hate about the 80s.
  • A big decade with a lot of things happening.
  • Gil Scott-Heron.
  • Music that is distinctly of the 80s vs. music that happened to be released in the 80s.
  • The musical equivalent of oatmeal.
  • Not liking the whole chorus, but liking the first chord change in the chorus.
  • The bass part of Like a Prayer.
  • Your superpower: knowing what marmite tastes like and knowing your don't like it.
  • Hyperactive j-pop with way too many chord changes.
  • Creating a mashup that is better than the sum of its parts, but only for ten seconds.
  • Purging an earworm with another earworm.
  • We Need a Bigger Dumpster, by Cheek Face.
  • The parts of your brain that you're not on speaking terms with.
  • A photographic memory for all audio except for words.
  • Songs about love or romance or being horny: get that shit out of here.
  • "Baby Got Back," a song about Sir Mix A Lot's infant and her extremely loaded diaper.
  • Waking the sleeping beagle.
  • Some kind of intentional arson.
  • Painting an evocative picture of an extremely specific moment in time.
  • Uncles and aunts and stuff everywhere.
  • Thank you, Genius!
  • Bad or text-to-speech bad?
  • Trying to fix all instances of a given fact that is wrong everywhere on the internet.
  • Wesley Willis writing the story song "Oil Express" because he wanted to write about oil changes.
  • Lords Rule, Nuff Said.
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