174. Occam's Raccoon


February 20th, 2023

1 hr 5 mins 42 secs

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  • Chris
  • Alexander



  • Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator.
  • Lords starting with Xa.
  • Moving boxes that have handles built in.
  • All else being equal, a raccoon did it.
  • Proto-Indo-European.
  • Putting the S in Island.
  • The era of Topic Lords when we only discussed Shakespeare.
  • Some of the things you expect are wrong, and vice-versa.
  • Bacteria finding proteins hanging around and deciding "this is part of me now."
  • Branching path structures shooting red and blue bullets at each other.
  • Escalating Revenge Core Destruction.
  • If pachinko were extremely elaborate and violent.
  • Oil timers.
  • Turning over the rectangle on your desk and forcing the red and green combatants to fight for you once more.
  • Apollonian circles.
  • The ancestry of Firefox.
  • Web browsers surrounded by water on all sides.
  • Using the entirety of your computing resources to do basically nothing.
  • A phone app that makes your phone display Flying Toasters but only while it's in your pocket.
  • Computers that are really good at getting hot and not very good at not getting hot.
  • An air conditioner but backwards.
  • Marbula One.
  • Marble races except every marble is armed with an assault rifle.
  • The year you finally get into Blaseball.
  • How Blaseball works.
  • How to detect a fire that you can't see.
  • Glass Onion: debunked.
  • A hell planet completely saturated with a volatile gas populated by lava monsters.
  • Why leave the house? Just send a probe and infer the existence of your neighbors.
  • What "from" means in "escape from the tank"
  • The jingle the hydrogen truck plays as it trundles by.
  • The Snack of the Stars.
  • Safety testing various propellants.
  • What your voice sounds like without any transmission medium.
  • The Gregorian Underwater Choir.
  • Naming Helium after the sun because that's where we discovered it.
  • The Lorax threatening you with a bat.
  • My huge sawed off flashlight.
  • Stay back, officer, it's just just a flashlight.
  • Replacing your self-defense rabies bat every time it dies.
  • Brushing your self-defense bat's teeth.
  • Dr. Zeus's book of adult poetry.
  • Is the Death Star brutalist? Can brutalist architecture be round?
  • Bee Barns.
  • A four foot tall frog guy who lives in the woods.
  • A frog guy. A guy who is a frog.
  • A frog guy caught between two worlds of posture.
  • A Wikipedia user whose thing is to make photo illustrations of cryptids and extinct animals.
  • What happens to Pikachu's soul when it dies.
  • Ghosts: what do they do all day?
  • Ghosts exist, and they can talk, and they know all about the afterlife, but also they're huge liars.
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