173. How Much Anxiety Does Your Car Have?


February 13th, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 41 secs

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  • Maxx
  • Tyriq



  • Looking down a lot while you're on a walk.
  • What is this Meta for?
  • Discovering that there is a cliff and having a brief high-octane experience.
  • Sitting on the bus and saying the lore of the land.
  • A lego minifig that you found on the street.
  • Fritzi Ritz.
  • Making millennial shitposts in the 1930s.
  • Being wholesomely surreal for a hundred years.
  • Accruing canon.
  • Simple archetypes that have been honed to a point.
  • Writing a new punchline to the same joke every day for a hundred years.
  • Comics going on two silent retreats, one for the setup (at a monastery) and the other for the punchline (at an empty lot)
  • Coronation St.
  • The kids we met in 1964.
  • Whether South Park is still a thing.
  • Finding success at a young age and staying the same person for the rest of your life.
  • Retirement or Blade Runner Retirement?
  • User Friendly.
  • Web comics that started when the hardest part about making a web comic is uploading an image to the internet.
  • Web comics going from having bad art to having good art.
  • Telling someone to like art other than the art they like.
  • Politely accepting advice and then ignoring it.
  • Speaking into the void to ask for music recommendations.
  • If you don't see it, that's what you paid for.
  • Delivering Nancy comics daily for over 100 years.
  • Working on the same game for 10 years even though you like different kinds of games now.
  • Working within the framework of past you.
  • Every page of a webcomic as a collage of all the previous pages.
  • Pokey the Penguin: updated sporadically.
  • Enjoying a webcomic a lot.
  • Weird semi-robot creatures.
  • Haribogosean.
  • Recommending someone a nice leaf.
  • Wanting to accept recommendations but hating them viscerally.
  • Tricking music recommendations into someone's life like a fairy tale gremlin.
  • Introducing hot jams to the people of the future.
  • Burying a can of cheese for a hundred years.
  • Extra old tardigrades.
  • A sealed piggy bank where if you want to get the tardigrades out you have to smash it on the floor.
  • Opening up your terrarium every so often to swap out the moss.
  • This wholesome man with this forty year old bottle ecosystem.
  • The most advanced level of mummification, in which you become a mannequin.
  • Dumping a pile of garbage in the forest and leaving it to your children in your will.
  • The Artemis Program.
  • Returning to the moon to get the geocache back.
  • Inserting a completely fictional topic into the historical record.
  • Wax House, Baby!
  • A fake fact about the world that has been purged from Wikipedia but is still everywhere that scraped the data from Wikipedia.
  • Chosts from chostville.
  • The age of monetizing all your hobbies.
  • Trying to make a human connection via your art.
  • Digging up, modifying, and reburying other people's time capsules even though nobody's paying you to do it.
  • Keeping your citizens happy and healthy.
  • An intentionally altered view of how automated clothing production is.
  • Going on a journey together with a robot.
  • Cozy books entirely lacking in high-octane moments.
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