152. National Butterscotch Pudding Day's Eve


September 19th, 2022

1 hr 24 secs

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  • Alex
  • Shannon



  • Tying on the tiebreaker.
  • Cambodian street food.
  • Topic Time!!
  • Two countries in the process of changing their names.
  • Whether sovereignty was ceded.
  • Tourism videos encouraging people to pronounce your country's name correctly.
  • History continuing to happen after you leave high school.
  • Changing your name to North Your Name to get an alliance with NATO.
  • A bonanza for globe manufacturers.
  • The United States of Mexico.
  • Germany's reaction to the United States changing its name to The United States of Germany.
  • Playing the wrong Korea's national anthem by mistake.
  • Switching to Roguelike Alphabetical Order so Zimbabwe doesn't always go last.
  • What does it mean to be a particular kind of animal?
  • Transmissible cancer.
  • A breed of dog that no longer exists as a dog but does exist as a strain of transmissible cancer.
  • CTVT.
  • HeLa cells.
  • Whether Henrietta Lacks is still alive.
  • How to fix 20,000 years of evolution.
  • A dog that is unlike extant dogs.
  • When you decide to change your evolutionary niche from macro to microorganism.
  • Cancer that is smart enough to not kill its host.
  • How cancer interacts with your mutant healing factor.
  • What this is and why it's happening to you.
  • Why a two year old wants to play in a copper mine.
  • What kind of mines New England vampires lived in.
  • Rearranging a corpse so that the vampire can't walk.
  • No Arizona Mine Draculas.
  • Joe Hart: defending our vampires.
  • Change that you can really make, if you live in Arizona.
  • Not getting the Google results you want because of sports mans.
  • The pros and cons of vampire bats.
  • Abandoned mines serving as habitats for 28 bat species that are crucial to the local ecology.
  • Persons currently experiencing vampirism.
  • Can't Have Shitting Gotham.
  • Adding line breaks to someone's complaint about a glow in the dark star to make a poem.
  • The imprint of one little glow in the dark star that had been missed and painted over in landlord white.
  • A life situation that is so poignant that it's impossible to write a poem about, so you describe it in prose and wait for a Tumblr user to come and add some line breaks.
  • A monologue that you could read in many different ways.
  • Returning to Tumblr because you have more thoughts on the painted-over star.
  • Responding to every text from your daughter as if it's a formal letter to a long-lost cousin.
  • Putting glow in the dark eyeballs on your closet door.
  • Putting you pudding under the Pudding Tree for Father Pudding.
  • How you grow the Pudding Tree.
  • Werther's Compromise.
  • Using Werther's Originals as dentures and you have to replace them every hour.
  • Removing the butter from scotch to get butterscotch.
  • Soft crack vs. hard crack.
  • Those terrifying Pillsbury tins that you bang on the counter and they explode and breadsticks come out.
  • How to determine if your candy in progress is in the soft ball stage.
  • What is pudding?
  • Having an existential crisis on Butterscotch Pudding Day.
  • Butterscotch Buttercream Frosting.
  • All the Lords that are fit to print.
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