151. A Fantastic Way To Escape From Your Loved Ones


September 12th, 2022

1 hr 7 mins 45 secs

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  • Desktop Dungeons Rewind.
  • A rug that looks like a cat's face.
  • Starting a game studio with your life.
  • How the whole butch/femme thing works.
  • After the fall of civilization when the guy with an iPod is the most important person in the village.
  • Your FK-IK rigging skills really paying off in the post-apocalypse.
  • How much kayfabe is happening right now?
  • Whether the PS5 exists and whether you can play Jamestown Plus on it.
  • A great way to nurture and nourish your loved ones while also staying away from them.
  • Soaking Ls.
  • Whether Jim has a sister-in-law.
  • Top three texture-bothers-me foods.
  • Jim's position on eating eyeballs.
  • A snack that can look back.
  • Sucking on the window to the soul.
  • Ordering your tuna salad extra starchy.
  • A deep appreciation of the sandwich arts.
  • Making a Youtube series where part of the bit is that it's really professionally made but also that means you need to do all the dang work, and also maybe you're not good enough to do it as professionally as you think.
  • Getting a real video editor to do the parts that are edited like a normal video but editing all the parts that are bullshit yourself.
  • A daughter in rock climbing camp.
  • Describing Cosmic Cat socks to your dad.
  • How to enjoy things.
  • A series of experiences that enter your body via your sensory organs.
  • Laying a framework for understanding the self.
  • Encoding your musical taste in a C program.
  • Configuring human behavior on an iPad.
  • Feeding the Reddit grist mill with season 4 of Westworld.
  • Living near a pleasing combination of straightaways and turns so you have to hear people racing motorcycles at all hours.
  • The emotional status of the teenager who flipped his car in front of your house.
  • What to say after a car accident to convince passers by to not call 911.
  • An SUV that looks like a t-rex just tried to eat it driving the wrong way on the Bay Bridge.
  • Bombing back into San Francisco in your exploded car.
  • Seeing someone driving recklessly but it's okay because the car has a bumper sticker saying "Everything is fine. We're not drinking in here."
  • Taking a joke that someone else made and making another joke out of it.
  • As topical an artifact as you can imagine.
  • Repetitive and familiar two-minute chunks of sound.
  • The They Might Be Giants album that has the giant squid on the cover.
  • Singing Fingertips from start to finish.
  • The amount of work that went into the cover art of Dickie Goodman's Mr. Jaws.
  • DJing from a dinghy.
  • Writing a thank you note to your travel agent.
  • The clouds blowing overhead like governments and years.
  • Secular Americans having to reinvent gratitude since they don't pray.
  • Parts of you that you think make you a better person.
  • Valuing something in yourself but not being sure how you got there.
  • Having taught yourself a bunch of hard things and learning to trust the process of learning a skill.
  • Civilization: something we agreed to do.
  • The difference between doing something professionally and doing it for fun.
  • Trying to sneak into a giant hovering ball of rock.
  • People who are hungry for topics refusing to hire you.
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