153. I Can't Wait For My Cockroach Lipids


September 26th, 2022

1 hr 3 mins 34 secs

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  • James
  • Avery



  • The latest on whether or not you've been canceled.
  • Spotify rejecting your album because you don't believe in yourself enough.
  • Spagbol.
  • The very one that is being digested by you now.
  • thisbolognesedoesnotexist.com
  • Paper that is 60% stone.
  • The price you pay for participating in art.
  • Coffee that is more powerful than a laptop.
  • What happens if you try to shred margarine.
  • Documents only for the document control society.
  • The Novelty FBI raiding your house and confiscating your Novelty Top Secret Documents and hiding them in their fake Groucho Marx glasses.
  • The guy who bought the last 100 Groucho Marx glasses from Party City.
  • Moustache Ninja.
  • Why more people aren't talking about Moustache Ninja.
  • The height of Pirate Ninja Robot Mustache Mania.
  • Ankle Biter Man.
  • Atrocities Guide.
  • One of many reasons why real life superheroes are a bad idea.
  • Superheroes: police except there is no oversight whatsoever.
  • Avery's Angels on Phoenix Jones.
  • If Seattle police arrest you for being nude, they are legally obligated to provide you with a dinner jacket for your jail stay.
  • Heath Ledger instructing the audience to charge their shower.
  • The Masked Magician Revealed.
  • TV stage magic.
  • David Copperfield raising the Titanic.
  • The Cheap Trick song that got to #1.
  • The songs that hit #1 because General Hospital used them on the soundtrack.
  • An antidote to the idea that music used to be better.
  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do.
  • Finding a way to enjoy art that you didn't like before.
  • Getting old and liking boring music.
  • What radio formats overlap with Beautiful Music.
  • A foam snake that shoots thirty feet into the air and then drifts into a nearby tree.
  • Tumbling over the rocks until you paint them with your belly's blood.
  • That other flesh, heavy with milt, bruised, battering toward the dam that lips the orgiastic pool.
  • Limber and firm in the state of his shining, forever inheriting his salt kingdom, from which he is banished forever.
  • The most animalistic and primitive part of your consciousness.
  • An Atari 2600 game inspired by a poem about a fish.
  • The level in Dante's Inferno where you have to fight unbaptized babies.
  • A game with one foot in the majesty of Greek mythology and the other foot in what it's like to bash someone's head into the concrete.
  • A great use of thumbsticks.
  • Whether Wisdom Tree would've published the Dante's Inferno video game.
  • Spending your entire life obsessed with the pear you stole as a kid.
  • An illumination of someone kneeling in front of a pear tree and weeping.
  • Pop songs about relationship situations.
  • An idea that is not as old as music.
  • A piece of music going right for the emotion, like the Windows Startup Sound.
  • Melody in lyrics, in conversation with each other.
  • Seeing a person and drawing a stick figure.
  • How do I get too much into my own head?
  • Why you're turning into a fish, and what the fish represents.
  • Sea Monkeys' Garden of Earthly Delights.
  • Do we want to get to the Cockroach Milk?
  • Being accosted on the street by Topic Lords fans asking for non-mammalian milk news but you're like "sorry I'm saving this for Topic Lords"
  • How many cockroaches it takes to make one serving of cockroach milk.
  • Sobbing in front of the slab of meat that Rocky punched.
  • Pouring cockroach milk onto stone paper to prove its resiliency.
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