242. Malware For Labyrinths


June 10th, 2024

1 hr 6 mins 14 secs

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  • Maxx
  • JP



  • Knowing the names of zero outdoor cats in your neighborhood.
  • Canny outdoor cats who are adapted to city life and don't need your plugs.
  • Obi like the belt or like the Star Wars guy?
  • Loosey goosey versions
  • Changing your mind while making a creative work.
  • Moving a door or a window in an existing wall.
  • Bigger creative decisions being composed of many smaller creative decisions.
  • Retaining maximum flexibility at every point in the process.
  • A workflow that reflects the spectrum of flexibility.
  • Flexibility Lost is Sturdiness Gained.
  • Tweaking the value of pi to suit your needs.
  • A system where a bunch of things depend on a bunch of other things.
  • Axes of flexibility that you don't end up using.
  • More specific categories of types of changing your mind.
  • Going down a deep dark hole and finding the glittering prize but not being sure whether it's worth anything.
  • A loop that spirals, oscillating, into the middle.
  • Putting a branch into a meditation labyrinth and changing its theological meaning.
  • Rewriting your novel in second person, present tense, just to see how it feels.
  • The Citation Needed guy doubting that mazes can be built with snow.
  • The ongoing Corn vs. Maize Wikipedia war.
  • The marine layer rolling in.
  • Looking at clouds and totally seeing the ice cream.
  • Buying aerogel samples on eBay.
  • What stuffed animals are stuffed with.
  • Going to the sky island and it's sort of rubbery.
  • Walkable clouds in the Mario series.
  • Cloudjacking.
  • Yanking Lakitu out onto the pavement and going on a joyride until the LoJack system kicks in.
  • Super Mario Bros. redubbed with Quake and Half-Life sounds.
  • Super Mario Bros. Next Gen AAA
  • What clouds taste like.
  • Fizzy Lifting Drinks.
  • The soda with the glass ball.
  • Ordering something red hoping for cherry, watermelon or strawberry flavor, but it's cinnamon flavored.
  • Eating Red Hots for the first time and realizing you've been Halloween poisoned.
  • Your first bitey cinnamon food.
  • A little poison, as a treat.
  • Filling your mouth with tree bark.
  • Games with saved progress feeling like you're participating in a responsible activity than games where you start over every time.
  • Deliberate mechanical whimsy.
  • Making a complicated game and failing to teach the player how to play it.
  • For a Change, by Dan Schmidt.
  • An infinite variety of forms of confusion.
  • Playing Frog Fractions all the way through and being like "what twist??"
  • Why Jorge Luis Borges gets annoyed when people wake him up.
  • Semi-routinely yelling in your sleep.
  • Being asleep is the inside time.
  • Citing Borges as a vibe.
  • A mid-pod plug.
  • The works of Ted Chiang.
  • Internalizing the idea that you need sleep to function.
  • Stepping stones of self-reflection.
  • Waking up feeling the vague sensations of having dreamt.
  • Sleeping with your eyes open.
  • Integration of your environment into your dreams.
  • Biting your tail before you go to sleep and not feeling it until you wake up.
  • Putting keys in your toast.
  • Repurposing the Chippendale Mupp's nervous system to make a vintage delay pedal.
  • Esports competitors putting the left mouse button between their teeth to improve reaction time, because it's closer to the brain.
  • Brains evolving to process whatever whenever and assembling the timeline later.
  • Kuratas Heavy Industries.
  • Smiling to fire the heavy machine guns.
  • Gripens.
  • Subway ads exhorting Maximum Lethality!
  • The airport nearest to all of the oil fields in the Permean Basin.
  • Billboards for enterprise services.
  • Wasting eyeballs.
  • A couple of active web presences.
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