243. Welcome To The Elder Zone


June 17th, 2024

1 hr 3 mins 1 sec

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  • Andrew
  • Tyriq



  • World Building Notes
  • An accent you cannot discern the origin of.
  • Fun worlds that I've thought of.
  • A world where hair is the source of all life.
  • A port of Freecell to the Playdate that might never be released.
  • J.R. Bob Dobbs, a salesman from the 1950s.
  • Whether Discord (the IRC client) is named after Discordianism.
  • Tyriq Reads Wikipedia.
  • Principia Discordia.
  • An extremely profitable troll.
  • Good and bad reasons to troll.
  • Making your weird fun art without worrying about people taking you way too seriously fifty years from now.
  • Whether submarines are named after the Church of the Subgenus.
  • Rewriting your entire game in C.
  • Playing Freecell Validly.
  • A latecomer to Freecell.
  • The one known impossible Freecell seed.
  • The Freecell Helleed vs. the Minesweeper Dream Board.
  • The looking at the cube phase and the turning the cube phase.
  • Typeshift speed run hacks.
  • Knowing a 38-letter word.
  • Undo trees.
  • The New York Times games package being sold separately from the newspaper.
  • The diction of the New York Times crossword puzzle.
  • Doing Greek letter flash cards to up your crossword game.
  • Words that come up a lot when you're mashing letters together.
  • A job where you don't use a computer? In this economy?
  • Sequencer-based techno.
  • Constraints that fit the UI extremely well.
  • An interface that makes a lot of sense for the Game Boy.
  • Printing out the entirety of Wikipedia so you can go offline for a while.
  • The compressed size of Wikipedia.
  • Here's a thing and the only thing it does is have information on it.
  • Hanging out in the library with people vs. with books.
  • The three best things in life.
  • Opening the tiny drawer and flipping through the tiny cards with your tiny hands and using your tiny eyes to read the tiny text.
  • Downloading information about a spider that links to another spider.
  • Using robots.txt to ward off all kinds of creatures, not just robots.
  • 999: Extraterrestrial Worlds.
  • Abandoning the Dewey Decimal System after you discover that numbers go higher than 999.
  • Stopping to end.
  • This Cat Does Not Exist.
  • The perfect source of images that have never been used before.
  • An art project that invents politicians and texts people imploring them to donate to the campaign and that's how the art project gets funding.
  • What Socrates would have said about the Banksy that shredded itself.
  • Your legal name with a bunch of letters removed.
  • Picking an online handle that's very hard to pronounce to make sure people don't call you that in real life.
  • Giving everybody you meet a different name for yourself.
  • Having more friends than you've ever had.
  • Having hobbies that put you in a room with people.
  • Libraries as raucous hangouts.
  • Inviting tweens to play video games in the back rooms (but not in a shady way)
  • A citizen saying "hey, library, can I use a room?"
  • Your local library, featuring the Middle-Aged Zone.
  • Lego Security Theater.
  • An unordered list of links.
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