13. Kurt Cobain Vocaloid


January 20th, 2020

1 hr 10 mins 14 secs

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  • Being confused by the existence of two separate Shannons.
  • Video games where nobody bothers you, and arguably that being the whole point of video games.
  • Doing calligraphy on Twitch.
  • Doing calligraphy just for yourself and that being way better.
  • The cost of getting more than one kind of value out of something.
  • Having an audience and feeling the need to entertain the audience whenever possible.
  • Finally deciding to get a real job because you have a kid on the way.
  • Imagining having a job as a programmer and not being happy about it.
  • Doing creative work in private because you're not good enough to do it publicly.
  • Producing a complete song in five minutes when it takes five years to make a game.
  • Always being able to see the geological phenomenon that will take your life one day.
  • The base of the Sutro Tower basically being a Quake level.
  • Being shot at as you approach the Sutro Tower.
  • Seeing Batman's head and knowing which way to go.
  • DragonCon's failure to produce parchment realm maps.
  • Hawaii having lava, hostile creatures and good landmarking.
  • Playing your anime theme song on your phone as you show up at the manga and wall scroll store with your katana.
  • Having an animated gif that represents your identity.
  • How to turn Binding of Isaac into an e-sport.
  • Stupefyingly long TV series lifetimes.
  • Text-to-speech deepfakes.
  • Chopping up Garret's voice to create dialog for your Thief fan mission.
  • Measuring Ian McKellen's voice and sending the data to people who have never heard Ian McKellen so they have plausible deniability.
  • Living on your own and eating Indian food for the first time.
  • Discovering a new continent at the Indian buffet.
  • Not wanting to eat a salad because probably there are bugs in there.
  • Stepping stones to eating sushi.
  • Food preferences being heavily shaped by first impressions.
  • Liking Primer two different ways, ten years apart, and being right both times.
  • The important lesson being hidden behind the interesting puzzle.
  • Unsolvable mysteries that haunt you for the rest of your life.
  • Enclosing a narrative with another narrative.
  • Assuming the Wii will remain ascendant because it's 1989 and Nintendo dominates your culture.
  • The story turning to mush when it comes time to actually answer to the question.
  • The thrill of reactive, improvisational storytelling.
  • The strength of remaining vague about whether your show is supernatural or not.
  • Imagining what happens next in a story as a way of enjoying the story.
  • The nectar that mystery storytelling is trying to extract.
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