12. The Charisma And The Loneliness Of The Moth Man


January 13th, 2020

58 mins 47 secs

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  • Making an igloo out of rigid body, shadow casting boarding passes.
  • Cryptids appealing to adult males 18-35.
  • Cryptids losing their cryptid status when they turn out to be real.
  • Keeping your fingers because you are wise and have a cave.
  • Wikipedia pages that really ought to put the subject's finger count front and center.
  • Confusing Odds Bodkin with Odd Bodkins.
  • Booking your favorite banjo-playing grandpa to play at your game development megacorp.
  • Taking a bullet for a friend you wouldn't go to a concert with.
  • Becoming increasingly annoyed with Richard Gere and his relationship with the moth man.
  • Distinguishing thrones from non-thrones.
  • Snarling like an evil prince with your leg over the arm of your throne.
  • Whether there are more cats indoors or outdoors, especially in El Paso Texas.
  • Legal prohibition of attempting to disperse a large enough group of cats.
  • Convincing the judge that your rocking chair was not intended to disperse the cats.
  • Cat sovereignty.
  • Rampaging cat unions recognized by the UN.
  • Reagan sending in cat scabs to replace rampaging cat unions.
  • Being terrified of military veterans returning home and taking our jobs.
  • A Jim Stormdancer-shaped hole that an Air Force veteran is destined to fill.
  • The agent of the greater space, the arch-demon, the plane itself, the car itself, the boat itself.
  • The rage of seeing a teaspoon of any liquid.
  • Recording a conversation so you can decide later whether it's ethical to listen to it.
  • Immediately going to murder.
  • Trusting a dog to be your accountant.
  • A dog being much more likely than a cat to be helpful but also being more likely to maim you.
  • Being a jester for a cat's pleasure.
  • Being hyper aware of the dark side of dogdom.
  • Dogs representing in joy in a complicated world.
  • Needing permission to pee.
  • Cats not wanting to move to Hollywood.
  • Cats that are cognizant of a better world they can no longer have.
  • An animal with a sense of hubris, entropy and regret.
  • A larger squirrel being mean to you.
  • Getting the horny disease once a season.
  • Getting all your horny out of the way at once, like Spock.
  • Spraying eggs everywhere and not taking up anyone else's time.
  • When the page curves because the other pages are in the way and the image on the page is annoyingly distorted.
  • The stigma against the paperback being an act of class warfare.
  • Wanting the physical trophy of the book on your shelf as much as the experience of reading it.
  • Appreciating the people who have previously read the same copy of the book you have.
  • Renting Final Fantasy II from Blockbuster and appreciating the previous player's save file.
  • Being too mature for fart jokes and then being mature enough to enjoy fart jokes again.
  • Having to make a noise every time you get out of a chair.
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