154. QWERTY In The Streets, Colemak In The Sheets


October 3rd, 2022

1 hr 17 mins 59 secs

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  • The extent of Jim's patience vis-a-vis delayed plugging.
  • Wishing you didn't make things so you could talk about the things you didn't make.
  • Plugging the small random things in life, like bugs.
  • Sitting in a chair right now.
  • Trying desperately for forty years to never use Bluetooth.
  • George Michael's "Faith"
  • George Michael rehearsing a Queen song.
  • A Faith listening party.
  • The etymology of "Lobster."
  • Plugging bugs and unplugging crustaceans.
  • Invisible stripes along one's epidermis.
  • Mosaicism (as distinct from Chimerism.)
  • Blaschko Lines.
  • A secret invisible power to be striped.
  • The show where nobody knows anything.
  • Spiraling outward from a central point.
  • A thing that is a fact if you believe Wikipedia.
  • Describing an egg as ovoid because it is similar to an ovum, i.e. an egg.
  • Whether a factoid is bullshit.
  • Whether humans are humanoid.
  • The distinction between a fact and a factoid and how it has changed over time.
  • Being slightly hungry and eating a single macaronus.
  • Batman training his successor in the sci-fi future.
  • Joining the villain faction because they get the cool hooves and horns.
  • Turning 90 and getting your internal organs tattooed.
  • Check it out, here's my solar plexus. Enjoy.
  • An injection that makes your bones glow in the dark.
  • Cold-Turkey Colemak Switchin'.
  • Holding your left pinky on the tab key to keep your place.
  • Iterating until you find the episode title.
  • Typing without twerking.
  • Being able to get your hands to do what you want without hurting.
  • Getting a split keyboard so your hands keep working.
  • The ease and laziness of the Wiimote and nunchuk allowing you to put your hands anywhere you want.
  • Twitchy aim dominating the PC FPS design space regardless of what the game designer wants.
  • Making poem floppy disks and using them as drinking coasters.
  • Cleaning out your mouse.
  • Disassembling a floppy disk and folding it into the shape of the Starship Enterprise.
  • Remembering where the USB floppy drive might stuff.
  • Whether cursed demoscene executables still curse you if you run them in DosBox.
  • Whether the Ring video still cursed you after it's digitized to DVD.
  • Maybe'm or maybe'm not.
  • A pretty cool knick knack.
  • A human head like pancake batter.
  • Bread that you put in a blender.
  • The old good lord, bad lord routine.
  • Picking a god and channeling its power into your tech talk.
  • A community of people that you want to like and respect you.
  • Various ways to prepare to give a talk, and why Tyriq always does it the wrong way.
  • Going to a talk and thereby consenting to be lectured by the person giving the talk.
  • Blaming the audience for picking the wrong talk if they don't like your talk.
  • How to run an ARG for no money.
  • Deconstructing the idea that canon and headcanon are in any way different.
  • Re-telling the same story over and over again.
  • Same bullshit, different number of dimensions.
  • A movie that was cooler when it was just a throwaway line in another movie.
  • Depicting the same overarching event but with details changed.
  • Games that require you to make a choice that you can't take back.
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