201. Don't Be Distressed, It's Just Australia


August 28th, 2023

1 hr 5 mins 16 secs

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  • Alex
  • Shannon



  • Exhausting topics before the show even starts.
  • Should we give bee educators guns?
  • Lords with lord awards.
  • Megalords lording over huge swaths of topics.
  • Getting your partner a very smooth engagement ring so it hurts less when they punch you in the face.
  • Trimming a tree in the middle of summer.
  • Tree law consequences.
  • The Hitman games, you know, with the bald guy
  • Whether Hit People are hired to kill likable or dislikable people.
  • Games with missions designed to make you feel bad about what you're doing but also to give you no choice but to do it.
  • Injured while sl searching for bodies in Lake Mead? Demand compensation!
  • A cute anime girl who really wants to help you prepare your taxes.
  • MSCHF.
  • Calling the Key 4 All hotline for real time data on the car's location and speed.
  • Playing Geoguessr to determine where the car is.
  • Reverse engineering the smell of WD-40.
  • Using the car for purposes of a car.
  • The legal standing of Public Universal Car.
  • Don't rotate the donut, you gave to rotate the pie
  • Legal MSCHF.
  • Taking the SATs for money.
  • Writing a list of demands in a child's scrawl and sending it to your senator.
  • Seeing the Vienna sausage with knuckles.
  • Getting a book of Magic Eyes in the 90s and staring at it until you see the dolphin and having a splitting headache for the next day and a half.
  • A jump scare in Magic Eye form.
  • Why we all need glasses.
  • Listening to your dad listening to a podcast.
  • Disappearing your own nose.
  • The purpose of feeling boredom.
  • The impossibility of being bored when libraries exist.
  • Paleolithic man enjoying memes.
  • Why campfire smoke always blows into your eyes.
  • Building a prehistoric highway system and using one of those printers that prints on the road so paleolithic man can enjoy dank memes.
  • What kids get in their stockings today now that iTunes gift cards are obsolete.
  • Why keep any DVDs?
  • A common metaphor for a problem that can be overcome by relaxing.
  • The most racist shrimp.
  • It's not a firearm, it's just an explosive knife.
  • Begging your mom to buy you the Krazy Krabs.
  • Putting on a brine shrimp show for your family members.
  • A spring loaded rigid whip.
  • Kitchen Somebody.
  • Searching for comfort and the eels come.
  • The neon 24 hour fried chicken sign gleaming behind the pines.
  • Finding god in a cluster of eels beneath your palms.
  • Have you given god a pizza?
  • A different eel pizza meme.
  • All the Breaking Bad fans coming to your neighborhood and throwing pizza on top of the Pizza Eels for a photo opportunity and the eels are getting extremely fat.
  • Feeding the sharks by stuffing a dive suit full of chum.
  • A cooking process that creates a byproduct that you can use to cook something else.
  • Calling bean juice "aqua fava" and styling.
  • Browning the whey to create a delicious paste loaf.
  • The two-in-one, in which they put two taquitos into a burrito.
  • Glorpamole.
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