202. Tim Was My Jim


September 4th, 2023

1 hr 15 mins 48 secs

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  • Mark
  • Shirley


  • Lawn Angst: Why does the city get to decide what is a weed vs an acceptable plant?
  • Learning to code is like a cheat code for life, or at least work
  • Poop epidemiology
  • Insomnolence by Charles Rafferty
  • Ville asks: "buying mysterious items that aren't labeled in a language you speak from the Asian supermarket because the picture on the front looks good, then choosing whether to roll the dice by putting them in your dinner or keep them in the back of the cupboard until you move house and throw them away"


  • Chamber Mage.
  • Touring on the strength of your one song.
  • Heartstopper, by Alice Oseman.
  • The city issuing a ticket because you have a weed on your lawn.
  • Declaring certain plants weeds when they're all good plants, Bront.
  • All the different signs you could put on your lawn to tell off your neighbors.
  • How tall a CB tower you're allowed to build without a permit.
  • The youngest homeowners on the block.
  • A natural space that isn't so manufactured.
  • A society that loves some plants and hates others.
  • How to grow flowers on the moon.
  • Making 660 folders based on an excel spreadsheet.
  • The stick-to-it-iveness required to fight a bunch of bugs.
  • What LLMs are good at and bad at.
  • A Dragonborn Paladin with aphasia.
  • Generating humans with too many fingers.
  • Where to post your Wordle results and Dall-E shitposts.
  • A cryptic lineage of COVID in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Gross but amazing.
  • Some seriously bad-ass science.
  • Expecting more diligence after you start paying your volunteers.
  • The Paxlovid Rebound.
  • Gin Gin Ginger Chews
  • Genetically altering your tongue to taste the most possible bitter flavor all the time.
  • Placing a ginger chew on your tongue and allowing it to dissolve over the course of an hour.
  • Paxlovid Mouth.
  • How to sleep with a cough.
  • Numbing your coughing agents.
  • Stashing the lozenge on your gums.
  • Waking with a hard candy stuck to your teeth.
  • Scarring your vocal folds by coughing as much as you can.
  • Poets: good at writing in a poetic way.
  • Poetry that's just prose if you think about it.
  • Turning a poet in to the authorities for writing prose.
  • At night, in the woods.
  • Standing here a thousand years ago and feeling the exact same thing.
  • Not being able to upgrade our armor any more because bokoblins are extinct.
  • Finding and giving up on a new ingredient every week.
  • RIP Bean Paste.
  • H-Mart.
  • Gooey Duck.
  • Buying a bunch of dumplings without any idea what's in them and having a tasting party.
  • A tiny freezer with only durian in it.
  • A smoothie that tastes like drinking a gas leak.
  • Jackfruit as a crab or pulled meat alternative vs. jackfruit as a tasty treat.
  • Getting foodstuffs stuck behind your soft palate.
  • Asafoetida risks.
  • Golden Mountain Sauce.
  • Brown Umami Boosters.
  • Fish sauce tastings.
  • Three Crabs vs. Flying Lion.
  • How to say "Serving Suggestion" in all the different Asian languages.
  • Loving all your listeners, even the problematic ones.
  • Throne of Iron.
  • Heavy metal music about D&D.
  • Finding yourself on the internet.
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