177. An Episode Your Landlord Should Not Listen To


March 13th, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 35 secs

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  • Alicia
  • Ryan
    • Just type his name into google.


  • Seattle's reaction to snow vs the Bay Area's reaction to rain: who is more dramatic?
  • Would you rather fart bones once a month or have Goldeneye "big head mode" on in real life for a year?
  • Moral philosophy lessons from the California DMV
  • Nancy
  • Common everyday items that make you mentally "time travel"


  • Structurally reinforcing the scrotum.
  • Plugging mundane chores around the house.
  • Why do you live here, Seattle?
  • The lamentation of a failed joke being funnier than the joke itself would've been.
  • Turning the tire towards the curb when parking on a hill.
  • Driving in inclement weather.
  • Milking oats.
  • What it means for society when you make oat milk at home.
  • The rain we occasionally get except way more.
  • Bettie White-out.
  • When an imaginary kid uses his last words to put you on blast.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of big head mode.
  • How to get on the bus with big head mode on.
  • Whose bones you're farting right now.
  • Big Head Mode Confirmed in GoldenEye 007.
  • The yoga pose that is most optimal for shitting bones.
  • Getting your GoldenEye big head stuck in the automatic doors at TJ Maxx.
  • Whale bones on your mattress.
  • Which bones you can do without.
  • Bone pellets.
  • Using your broken tooth as a fidget toy.
  • An absolutely staggering amount of dental work.
  • A perfectly lovely root canal.
  • Using your bone-lasered rib as a fidget toy.
  • Extra ribs just loose in your torso somewhere.
  • Ribs of betrayal stabbing you in your soft pink innards.
  • McRib, more like MacBethRib.
  • The DMV letting you know that your custom license plate is "in the mail, you fucking pervert."
  • A grizzled PI paid to determine whether Dr. Puff is a real doctor.
  • Dark, but fair.
  • The moral philosophy of the DMV.
  • The 4chan veteran the DMV hires to detect profanity in custom license plate applications.
  • Three letters that mean a car thing.
  • You just got passed by a bad driver.
  • Nancyverse lore.
  • The one place in the world where the cost of living is higher than San Francisco.
  • Slant rhymes that slant so much they fall over.
  • Writing a Nancy fan poem just so you can slip increasingly awful rhymes into it.
  • Making your poem worse and worse as it goes on because what are the readers going to do, stop reading? Nobody has Netflix in 1966.
  • Using hand-crank egg-beaters when it's not the Prohibition.
  • Everybody at the office party with those paper guillotines, going to town on reams of paper.
  • Jim's hotel waffle story again.
  • Paying $8 for this novelty bust of Duke Nukem because you liked Duke Nukem 1.
  • High school kids dressing just like you dressed when you were in high school 20 years ago.
  • JNCO jeans with a dragon on the back pocket.
  • That Nostalgia Cycle: it's gonna come around.
  • Using two different keys to unlock and start your car.
  • The best car for the kidnapper on the go.
  • The first car to use the same key for the door, trunk and ignition.
  • Locking the exhaust pipe so nobody can put a banana in there.
  • Separate keys for locking your sun and moonroof.
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