145. A Visceral Tobacco Consumption Experience


August 1st, 2022

1 hr 54 secs

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  • The Ten Timers Club.
  • Podcasting for three years straight.
  • Fantastical ideas for famous bands covering Garages songs.
  • An increasingly hard to describe person.
  • Reclaiming the asshole.
  • The sort of thing that sometimes happens in Maine.
  • Finding the right microphone settings.
  • A podcast about what people think about that ends up being a video game podcast because that's what they're thinking about.
  • The barnacle on the indie game scene life.
  • Making a video game good on purpose.
  • Talking to your friends who talk you out of grad school because you need to be talked out of grad school again
  • Your own personal relationship with the divine.
  • Shared imagined worlds and how we talk about them.
  • Your friend asks how you're doing and you say "Han and Leia at the end of Empire" and your friend just nods.
  • Fighting a great beast together.
  • Promoting group cohesion by developing a shared frame of reference.
  • How in the 70s everyone watched the same three TV channels but nowadays everyone has access to all of every form of media all the time, and whether that's a handicap for developing a shared cultural reference frame.
  • Waxy potatoes vs. starchy potatoes.
  • Where to find non-starchy potatoes.
  • Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts.
  • The act of interpretation and the creation of shared symbols.
  • A Final Fantasy mod that you were very excited about in the early 00s but that now has no results on google.
  • Abraham Lincoln Land vanishing from the internet.
  • All the bad video games starring Tux.
  • Your boss saying "let me show you how the Peter Principle works" and promoting you to Project Manager.
  • Erasing the projects you are ashamed of from your personal web site.
  • Adding a clause to your will about deleting all your novelty web sites.
  • A web site where you write a bunch of fake reviews of fake bands and eventually start writing the songs yourself.
  • Mutually executable languages.
  • A betrayal of both movies and Youtube.
  • Commenting with a timestamp of your favorite part of Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Whether Pedro won the election on his own merits.
  • Creating an audition tape for the musical extravaganza your employer is running, getting the part, and later finding out that you were the only one who applied.
  • Whether John will ever release the video of him dancing like Napoleon Dynamite.
  • An entire stanza of completely unintelligible Middle English.
  • Wanting to go on pilgrimages to seek the Holy Blissful Martyr because spring is coming.
  • Pronouncing all the silent letters.
  • A well-SparkesNotes'd text.
  • Having a poem memorized but not in order.
  • How wishing someone a happy birthday before their birthday is illegal in Germany.
  • The least surfer dude.
  • Various tobacco saliva receptacles, some of which ding and some of which don't.
  • Chewing tobacco but not having the self-respect to get a spittoon.
  • The nicotine delivery method where you stick a tobacco blob under your lip like a walrus tusk and make TikTok videos.
  • Dip a.k.a. Snus.
  • A cool friend from Tennessee.
  • Big League Chew, again.
  • Asking the clerk for tar patches because nicotine patches don't give you melanoma.
  • Ending the show early because you believe so vehemently that vaping is good for you.
  • A pithy German word for having guested on Topic Lords ten times.
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