146. If You Can't Pay The Time, Don't Do The Feet Liking


August 8th, 2022

48 mins 35 secs

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  • Being non-binary in Washington.
  • Witch Strandings.
  • The crucial aspects that define a traditional Strand-Like.
  • What makes the nurturing not feel bad/weird?
  • Physically inhabiting a mouse cursor.
  • Playing shuffleboard on a Mario Golf power meter using the Oblivion persuasion wheel.
  • Several things that people like, existing at the same time.
  • Why nobody but Jim is making Frog Fractions games.
  • Dialing random phone numbers until you reach someone you know.
  • A nightmare creature from the abyss waiting by the phone for your call.
  • Everyone having exactly one mom and exactly one faceless nightmare creature waiting by the phone.
  • Phone number Minesweeper.
  • Birthday parties as an opportunity to force your friends to play the weird game you just designed.
  • Guessing the phone number of the burner phone in front of you.
  • Computers you can talk to in your local area.
  • Hacking the government mainframe that has all the Nintendo games.
  • Needing to have a soul before your soul can be sucked out through the phone.
  • Finding out how smart dolphins are after they meet the being from beyond the abyss.
  • Holding on to your childhood dreams of stealing a series of towers for your tower collection.
  • Figuring out how to put custom ringtones on your flip phone even though the Verizon rep said it was impossible.
  • What the Kidz Bop version says instead of "it smells like R. Kelly's sheets."
  • A coat that smells like my baseball cleats, yikesssss.
  • What if football wasn't good?
  • What would happen if a child held all of baseball in their hands?
  • Futilitris.
  • Supernova SWF Enabler.
  • Working in the Kidz Bop factory.
  • Who Put Goku In Fortnite?
  • Ending the game immediately when somebody drops the come bomb.
  • Not being allowed to say dang or shit.
  • The through line from miniature replica sculptures to Kidz Bop Breaking Bad.
  • Kidz Bop Oldboy.
  • The French opera singer who replaced her girlfriend with a dummy and then set the nunnery on fire so it looked like her girlfriend died in the fire, but her opera singing was so good that the king had to pardon her.
  • If Jim was arrested for dumping 800 pounds of sewage on an open air tour boat, how many people would try to solve the ARG?
  • Wiping the raw sewage off of your face and wondering aloud "is this Frog Fractions 2?"
  • Going to jail for making a cursed tweet.
  • What if your tweet only goes viral after the cursed tweet law is enacted?
  • Having to read your tweet aloud to everyone who liked it.
  • Going to jail for writing a cursed tweet and being sentenced to having to explain it to your mom.
  • All-ages interactive sculptures.
  • A child with a tiny screwdriver installing an emergency communication system in case someone has a bad time in their Radio Flyer.
  • A pretty intense poem by a pretty intense dude.
  • Why or why not to be a writer.
  • Warning young people against destroying themselves.
  • Being deeply desperately driven by the essence of what you are creating.
  • Needing somebody to remind you that your work has value.
  • The different coping strategies required to create a work that takes half an hour to finish vs. years to finish.
  • False panels.
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