144. Vultures Who Know The Difference (Between Sugar And Aspartame)


July 25th, 2022

1 hr 12 mins 59 secs

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  • A Link's Awakening speedrun that may surprise you.
  • Lord clouds.
  • What's the deal with Wario 64?
  • Asking Webster's Dictionary to define Wario 64.
  • Your source for video game deals.
  • How Wario64 feels about Chris Pratt voicing Mario.
  • Geralt in the bathtub.
  • Wario World for the GameCube.
  • The hidden origins of Wario64.
  • Ten rules for how to make a movie.
  • Lars von Trier being traumatized by a dolly shot and inventing Dogme 95.
  • Unintentional Dogme 95 movies.
  • Unboxing a Criterion Collection DVD live on the show and there's just a DVD in there.
  • Creative freedom, the worst constraint.
  • A recipe for the worst movies in the fucking world.
  • Dogme 95 drinking game.
  • Making a flag in the bucket.
  • The Adventure 2600 continuity.
  • Bats that can steal things that shouldn't be able to be stolen.
  • A video game quest that was very difficult and obscure until someone wrote a FAQ.
  • The ludonarrative consonance of following your self-destructive obsession at the same time your character follows their self-destructive obsession.
  • Being confused about a story beat in a video game and having to seek out a lore genius on the internet.
  • The Random House Annotated Fallen London.
  • Becoming St. Gawain's Candle.
  • How the icebox plums poem became a meme.
  • Learning about poutine on social media.
  • Satirical poetry in the 1960s.
  • Things that are Ira Glass's fault.
  • Extreme meminess.
  • Wanting a god damn plum right now.
  • Pictures of normal people that are considered heresy.
  • Deliberately making your podcast guest's audio sound bad.
  • Continuing to read poetry even though you're terrible at it.
  • Asking Siri to get you a substantial raise.
  • Checking the change return slots on the mobile phone bank for quarters, to do your part to sustain the soda vending machine economy.
  • The cost of a 510 ml bottle of pop these days.
  • The fastest pop machine in the world.
  • Joking about the day we record the show when it comes out weeks later and none of the listeners have any idea what you're talking about.
  • Applying the sugar tax to beverages sweetened with aspartame.
  • The Godzilla movie with Inspector Gadget in it.
  • Redheaded Stepzilla.
  • The three Godzilla movies that are out of print in the US. (But not on archive.org)
  • Having to license all the Kaiju separately.
  • Movies that are in the public domain because they were not explicitly labeled as copyrighted.
  • Public Domain Day.
  • The personality traits of Sherlock Holmes that are and aren't copyrighted.
  • The Beast at 20,000 Fathoms.
  • Messing up a slow-motion shot by undercranking the camera rather than overcranking, but it has to go into the movie like that because it was your only take.
  • Making a movie where you can do as many takes as you want but they all have to go in the finished film.
  • Godzilla taking some much needed time off.
  • Invasion of Astro-Monster.
  • Watching the entire Godzilla series and learning why people think Avengers: Endgame is good.
  • A latchkey kid in 1960s Japan overcoming his bullies by imagining that Godzilla is his friend.
  • A dinosaur falling in love with a lighthouse.
  • Empathizing with the dinosaur who is completely misunderstanding the situation.
  • Why the English speakers in Japanese or Korean films are such bad actors.
  • An island protector of these native people brought to society for reasons of Capitalism.
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