129. Yet Another Country Where They Don't Pee


April 11th, 2022

1 hr 7 mins 5 secs

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  • Alex
  • Shannon



  • Striving to sound like a motor that has just been switched off.
  • A very healthy vasovagal response.
  • Separating the platelets from the plasma.
  • Donating blood to anybody on the street with a needle and some brownie brittle.
  • Determining the blood type of this synthetic fake blood.
  • Brownies except they shatter like glass between your teeth.
  • Trashimals.
  • Visiting a new place and delighting at all the local pests.
  • Living in Florida and just bumping into crocodiles on the street.
  • Monkeys climbing your body to steal your food and break your camera.
  • Fairy penguins nesting in your storm drains.
  • Scooping rattlesnakes into a bucket, going to a military base and dumping them into the tank cockpits.
  • Only realizing that it's weird to have a rattlesnake in a jar on your porch when a Frenchman wants to come see.
  • It's a Canyon Thing.
  • Finding out that a mongoose is not the size of a goose.
  • One of the more hazardous trashimals.
  • Looking out the window and realizing that someone forgot to close the garage door and you're just going to have to wait for that grizzly bear to leave.
  • The mountain lion who visited downtown Berkeley.
  • A regular household goose.
  • Turning off Niagara falls at night.
  • Seeing behind the veil of the world when Niagara falls gets switched off.
  • Going to Hawaii to see the milky way.
  • A universal human experience that remains completely undocumented.
  • The squeeze and grab strategy.
  • Something you wouldn't want to sample in Costco.
  • The tiny sommelier in your butt.
  • Recipes calling for eggs or milk but not specifying which kind.
  • Pee shivers.
  • A reading face for radio.
  • A sort of runic rhyme.
  • The rhyming and the chiming of the bells bells bells bells bells bells bells.
  • Edgar Allan Poe as an emo Dr. Seuss.
  • The gamut of all the things bells can be.
  • Adding more bells to the end of each verse.
  • The Jabberwocky rewritten in the style of incomprehensible in-jokes.
  • A cake recipe with two ingredients.
  • Keto-something something cookies.
  • Mashing the crosshatch shape with a fork.
  • The Easy Cookbook: Over 100 Satisfying Recipes Made with Four Ingredients or Less.
  • Ice cream made from eggs and peanut butter.
  • The fourth ingredient is your car.
  • Writing a book of listicles in the 11th century.
  • The way the snow looks on the roofs of the village under moonlight, and how the plebian villagers can't appreciate it.
  • When one is in a hurry to leave but one's visitor keeps chattering away.
  • Shameless old people putting their feet up on braziers.
  • One's attachment to a man depending largely on the elegance of his leave-taking.
  • Trying to maintain all your clandestine relationships in a palace where the walls are made of paper.
  • A person who recites a spell after sneezing.
  • When one is about to be told some interesting piece of news and a baby starts crying.
  • The exorcist staying up too late and falling asleep in the middle of the exorcism.
  • All the interesting poetry and prose from a historical era being written by women because the men were expected to write in their second language.
  • The Empress receives the gift of a phonograph at the dawn of voice recording, and she turns to and is like "uh, figure out something to do with this."
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