130. Gilding The Lemur


April 18th, 2022

1 hr 12 mins 49 secs

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  • Watching TAS videos and wondering how much of what is happening is necessary vs flourish
  • If Jeff Bezos wanted to recreate Jurassic Park
  • Chocolate-dipped fruit has such an enormous gulf between perceived effort and actual effort that as a gift giver or potluck attendee you are all but obligated to take advantage
  • Strong Men, Riding Horses by Gwendolyn Brooks
  • The creators of Earthworm Jim: Where are they now?


  • Tunic.
  • Finding collectible pages of a game's manual inside the game.
  • Games in fake languages.
  • Playing imported games in emulation and trying to figure out how to play even though you don't speak the language.
  • Curveballs.
  • A monthly in-person cozy casual game development meetup.
  • Discovering what people mean by "within" when people say "inquire within."
  • What happened to all of the art.
  • What a whale bone smells like after you clean it.
  • Whether it's grosser to drink bone marrow or eat oysters.
  • The most charming of all the crabs.
  • TAS runs.
  • The various kinds of tools that might assist you in creating a tool-assisted speed run.
  • Human-Mediated Speed Runs, or HMSRs.
  • Proving the ideal speed run.
  • Some kind of sequence that is based on a timer.
  • When the TAS run does a little dance and you're trying to figure out whether that's important to the run or if they're just killing time.
  • The game became Snake.
  • Whether coffee cures or causes cancer.
  • Like listening in a mirror.
  • The vapors.
  • Trillionaires not being as rich as they used to be.
  • A big big island full of organisms that are just waiting to be coated in gold.
  • Painting your entire body and dying somehow.
  • Lemur-friendly paints.
  • People who've eaten breakfast and then died.
  • Dipping some shit in some crap.
  • Watching Food Network to discover the Science of Chocolate.
  • An attractive morsel.
  • Pastries with fruit fillings.
  • A solid cube of a mass of dessert-object.
  • Taking advice from someone who hasn't even been on several hundred podcasts.
  • Frantically putting the Topic Lords banner back on your wall when you see Jim approaching.
  • Releasing Topic Lords episodes.
  • Shuffling off of this mortal topic.
  • Making a movie to promote your new chocolate bar.
  • A type of chocolate that tries to be solid.
  • Spaghetti-Os as a back formation of Spaghetti-O-ification, which is what happens when pasta passes through a black hole's event horizon.
  • Using Hawking radiation to retrieve lost Spaghetti-Os from within black holes.
  • The movie playing the sound of somebody peeing to let you know that now's when you get up to use the bathroom.
  • A crowd of people doing foley work for a restaurant scene in Murder She Wrote.
  • Picking somebody for Animatronic Angela Lansbury to murder and then picking somebody for her to pin it on when she solves the crime.
  • The fine line between true and false.
  • The fine line between foot and floor.
  • Desert-eyed, rentless strong men pasted to stars already.
  • A source of praise for the patriarchy.
  • Addled by landlords.
  • Whether being pasted to the stars is good.
  • The elbow of the topics.
  • Earthworm Jim.
  • A muscular goofball earthworm.
  • Whether you can say "groovy" and still be angry.
  • A strict no-sequels policy.
  • Not the thing you're here to talk about.
  • George "The Fat Man" Sanger.
  • Wall-E but a Roomba but also one of those 90s wireless phone cradles.
  • Games you can play for free on the web.
  • All the good times we had at Blockbuster Video renting movies from Blockbuster Video.
  • How public libraries still exist and offer more movies than your local Blockbuster Video had and they're free and you keep them for a month rather than two days but nobody gives a shit because libraries don't have branding or advertising.
  • A perfect solution to a problem that everybody wants solved urgently.
  • Weirdly buff creatures that should not be buff.
  • Music band with animal companion solves mystery.
  • The Dog & The Stoner & The Band & The Ghost.
  • Queen Slug-for-a-Butt.
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