230. What's God Even Made Of Anymore?


March 18th, 2024

1 hr 13 mins 38 secs

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  • Mike
  • Jake



  • The great state of Maine.
  • A project you've been working on for a long time.
  • Inventing a game developer community in Michigan.
  • Meaningful distinguishers on normal camera use.
  • A lukewarm decisionmaking process.
  • Computational photography.
  • Samsung's fake moon.
  • A camera that just guesses what you want to see so you don't even need to take the photo.
  • A massive endless feed of the same photo with different people in it.
  • Why people use cameras.
  • Whether photos exist.
  • Late stages of the product category.
  • People who need Photoshop to do their job.
  • Photo mode in real life.
  • A photo you can take later.
  • Adding a filter to make the guy in the background less likable.
  • Meals for the Ages
  • How to get from here to perfect ubiquitous service surveillance.
  • Theatrically pretending to be hit by a stationary car.
  • Going to the Gallagher movie and getting sprayed with watermelon.
  • There's just the one Bigfoot, it's the same Bigfoot every time.
  • Tomato sauces that are still delicious even if you learned the recipe from the Internet and not from a grandma.
  • Mysterious things backing into the shadows so they can remain mysterious.
  • Protecting mystery wherever you find it.
  • The Museum of Jurassic Technology.
  • Stepping inside someone else's very strange brain.
  • Dawn Wall.
  • An intensely detailed exploration of the surface of a cliff.
  • I wonder what it's like on the fucking moon?
  • Who painted the iconic cover of the Wrinkle in Time paperback.
  • The shoot-em-up cabinet you saw in the canteen at the US Embassy in Monrovia, Liberia before the first Liberian civil war and have never been able to find since.
  • A reaction to the lack of organic mystery in our lives.
  • The Case of the Missing Hit and Searching for Sugarman.
  • Wash over me, True Story.
  • Which phone checked the kid out of preschool.
  • Being on the list of services the insurance companies consider to have checked various boxes.
  • We got pins. We can do that.
  • The three bad four-digit pins.
  • Streamlining the process of rapidly accounting for all the children.
  • Developing a system that would deterministically move the needle in a useful way.
  • Blundering in the brightness.
  • Telling two events from the same perspective.
  • Ugly crying at your desk in a public workspace.
  • Spending way more time not alive than alive.
  • Something that we can experience on either side of our lives.
  • A Fire Take from Jake.
  • Waiter stress dreams.
  • A skill that you can hone.
  • One of the more fun channels in the discord.
  • Holding an increasingly large bag of stuff.
  • Waking up laughing until you realize your dream was not funny.
  • The consciousness wall between you and visualization.
  • Training yourself to let your mental imagery be visible.
  • Seeing clumps of color and interpreting them.
  • Doing an editing pass on your dreams before relating it to your friends.
  • Jay-Z's favorite bleu cheese Milkshakes.
  • Screwball horror.
  • A splash of furry content.
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