231. Game: The Game And Music Experience


March 25th, 2024

1 hr 11 mins 49 secs

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  • Line of sight for the fog of war.
  • Plugging unplugging.
  • How to keep looking at TikTok when your phone is destroyed.
  • Telling your kid that Youtube broke.
  • Youtube videos that teach your child how to give a thumbs up.
  • Having more kids because it pays for itself.
  • Why did the princess have no dresses?
  • Explaining to a four year old about the $20 Sack Pyramid.
  • Weaning yourself off of saying /s by saying "wocka wocka" instead.
  • Teaching your kids better standards for comedy.
  • Snow White did this and then Belle was there and Ariel was there with her human legs.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but for making pie.
  • Looking up knock knock jokes online.
  • Your kid finding your secret hoard of popsicle sticks and realizing you didn't just make all those jokes up from your head.
  • Things you want to have made but don't want to make
  • Trying to surprise yourself with your own level design.
  • Wallowing in the stuckness.
  • Whether game developers know when they're making a bad game.
  • Playtesting the shit out of a game because you enjoy playtesting so much.
  • Questionable hip hop.
  • Thrashy hyperpop.
  • Full-time access to a green screen and what it does to your head.
  • Comedy FMV games.
  • Making a career out of making bad art except it's funny and having to live with yourself.
  • Approachable game projects.
  • Pivoting from making an action RPG to making a Vampire Survivors clone in the space of a weekend.
  • Making a bunch of efforts and they're all terrible.
  • Whispering into a distortion pedal.
  • Putting your vocals through a bunch of effects pedals because your lyrics are terrible.
  • Enjoying an art creation process until you get too self conscious and ruin it.
  • Wallowing in the stuckness.
  • Making art and never showing it to anybody.
  • A twin stick shooter that's just for me.
  • Game Heads.
  • Onlookers getting hyphy.
  • "Side Show" by 415.
  • Back when Oakland was in the 415 area code.
  • Turning tight ones.
  • Turning brodies in an intersection while commuters look at your 15-inch subwoofers.
  • Rogue car events.
  • Game: the Games and Music Experience.
  • A lowrider with the entirely wrong number of switches.
  • Whether Boots Riley and Too Short still live in Oakland.
  • Aspirational trailer music choices.
  • Car Stealth: drive around a corner and hide.
  • Missing Rock Band but not missing it enough to install Fortnite.
  • Initiating taunts in Fortnite by strumming the guitar controller.
  • The immovable critic twinkling his skin.
  • Imaginary gardens with real toads in them.
  • Poetry with a diss track vibe to it.
  • Good going, dumbass, you got into poetry.
  • Whether poetry should rhyme.
  • Discriminating against business documents.
  • Putting a poem on genius.com and adding a "wocka wocka" annotation after every joke.
  • Spending an hour searching for animal names followed by "fish"
  • Which fish have the thickest bones?
  • Buffalo Fish Wings.
  • A fish that is way too big and shaped like the letter D.
  • Is Beyonce a Nicki Minaj friends??
  • Grandma's big bowl of worsties.
  • Energy drinks that make you want to disassemble a clock radio.
  • Drinking C4.
  • The guy you know who always has at least three Red Bulls on him at all times.
  • Bringing home a one-of-a-kind Monet even though you know your roommate is a Monet fiend and will eat it immediately.
  • The Master P of devouring Kit Kats.
  • The Queen of Bites and Sips.
  • Your duty to eat snacks before they go bad.
  • Eating one marshmallow right now.
  • The shitposty garbage that made Twitter fun.
  • Here's some pants pooping jokes, wocka wocka.
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