229. This Show Now Available On Cockroach DNA


March 11th, 2024

54 mins 40 secs

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  • Megan
  • Lexi



  • Music implementation for The Lamplighters League.
  • Watching a streamer play games and asking them for a turn at the controls.
  • How to pronounce "Erik Satie."
  • How to pronounce "Gymnopedies."
  • Finding 100 umbrellas in your dead friend's apartment.
  • A list of Satie's performance indications.
  • Grandly forgetting the present.
  • With your bones dry and distant.
  • Playing music with your forehead.
  • Doing something to a piano.
  • Your boss sending a memo asking you to work with a shy piety.
  • Pizzicato vs. Bartok pizzicato.
  • Adding the hamburger so it's not just Helper.
  • What instant foods are missing from your food vocabulary.
  • Adding heavy cream to ramen broth.
  • Getting an apron so you can have a little costume when you cook.
  • Realizing that when you wear the apron you don't get food on your shirt.
  • A big bib for Big Jim.
  • Normalizing scoop bibs.
  • Kraft Dinner.
  • Halal certified instant stir fry noodles.
  • Ramen in a cup or ramen where you provide your own container.
  • Insurance Mac.
  • Canned cheeseburgers.
  • A boring house with nothing on it.
  • Movable feasts.
  • Keeping those 12-foot skeletons in your yard and decorating it seasonally.
  • The beetles that clean bones for you.
  • Recreational Explosives Day.
  • A Zachtronics programming puzzle for every holiday.
  • A movable feast where you don't eat.
  • Decorating your house to celebrate Toyotathon.
  • Falling for strangers and their blue hair.
  • A poem that is long if you read it but short if you recite it.
  • Taking public transit as an act of defiance.
  • A gift that is impossible to give yourself on purpose.
  • Inventing a shower proof phone so nobody ever has shower thoughts again.
  • Putting your phone in a Ziploc bag and watching movies underwater.
  • Sitting down at your computer and getting stuck.
  • Hacking your executive function by adding friction in the right places.
  • Whether Wellbutrin gives everyone tinnitus or just you.
  • Death hacks for staying mentally connected to your dead relatives.
  • A service that puts your podcast on vinyl.
  • Using CRISPR to infect the cockroach population with 229 episodes of Topic Lords.
  • Moving to a land where your snot doesn't freeze.
  • Not trusting your own weather opinions.
  • Surprising yourself by enjoying seasons.
  • Driving in icy conditions.
  • Standing under the heated lamps like a lizard.
  • Waiting for the bus in the dark.
  • Learning to drive after you move to a city with public transit.
  • Not driving with kids.
  • Getting rid of all the bots.
  • Sgt. Pepper Bot.
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