110. There Will Be A Last Tweet


November 29th, 2021

58 mins 43 secs

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  • Extending your failure through time.
  • Swatch clock, Swatch clock! Swatch clock, Swatch clock!
  • Swatch Internet Time.
  • Counting up from the beginning of time, January 1st, 1970.
  • The perfect method of keeping time.
  • A Swatch body horror beast.
  • The promise of being made of meat.
  • UFO 50's release date: May 5th, 5050.
  • Deciding that nobody should feel your least favorite emotion.
  • Making a new better future without looking to the past for your aspirations.
  • The world before Later On.
  • Remembering 80s pop songs way better than when you last took a shower.
  • Making a mix tape with a song on it about when you last took a shower and sending it back in time to your younger self so this kid will listen to that song over and over and you can finally remember when you last took a shower.
  • Nostalgia vs. taste.
  • Trying to replicate your favorite thing and falling to replicate it, but the failure is way more interesting than the thing you were copying.
  • Adventure 500.
  • Recreating something you love from memory.
  • A game jam where everyone picks an old video game they like and tries to recreate it from memory without looking at any references.
  • Simplifying while depicting by choosing what details to focus on.
  • An inverted form of nostalgia.
  • Cloak and Dagger (1984)
  • Putting product placement of the video game adaptation of your movie in your movie, but then the video game never comes out because it's 1984.
  • Pepper's Adventures in Time.
  • All the names of Nonogram puzzles.
  • Finding out about Nonogram puzzles and deciding to try them and finding the hardest one you can, and after a few days of being unable to solve it you put it into a Nonogram solving program and it tells you this is an impossible puzzle.
  • The Konami Pixel Puzzle Collection.
  • When you do and when you don't want to be stultified.
  • Roguelike Celebration.
  • Beach Umbrella Games.
  • Printing out a generated dungeon and solving it like a Sudoku.
  • Utter not-knowing-where-to-start-ness.
  • thewebsitethatyougotoeveryday.com
  • Rolling dice and losing all your chill.
  • Retiring to the offline colonies.
  • The potential that you could hypothetically be friends with every cool person in the world.
  • A person who tweets whimsical things.
  • A video essay on TikTok that includes screenshots of Twitter.
  • Trying to make friends by dumping your sugar in the street.
  • The different life choices you might've made if you had to make friends in real life.
  • Befriending an ant colony and watching your friend count shoot through the roof.
  • Trying to wedge a crowbar of understanding into a cryptic poem.
  • All the ways reading poetry can make you feel bad about yourself.
  • The actual thing and the shadow it casts.
  • Taking your hindbrain for a brisk jog around the block.
  • Needing to play Brain Age for the Nintendo DS before you can understand this poem.
  • Omitting words from your poetry reading because it's all about the words you don't say.
  • Whether it is entertaining to learn how to analyze poetry in public.
  • Q.R. Hand, Jr.
  • Applauding: too loud. Too scary. It startles the poet.
  • Terminator, Jr.
  • Transitioning from writing your thoughts in a journal to recording your thoughts on your phone, to just talking to yourself, as you realize what you actually want to get out of the process.
  • Trying to remember anything ever.
  • Collecting art references.
  • Reading the phrase "mariachi trumpets" in your diary and trying to figure out what it means.
  • GPS tagging your journal entries so you can retrace your steps thirty years later.
  • An open source phone that nobody will ever use because there are no apps for it.
  • A bed contraption that, when the alarm rings, dumps you into your outfit for the day and makes you breakfast.
  • Writing with your hand maybe two times a year and wondering how much more disused handwriting needs to get before people will be willing to stop teaching it in grade school.
  • Being told in math class that you need to learn this stuff because you won't have a calculator all the time which is technically true because they won't let you keep your phone while you take the SATs.
  • How to navigate the internet and discern fact from fiction.
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