142. Threatjazz


July 11th, 2022

1 hr 7 mins 57 secs

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  • Which real life occupations are the closest thing to actual Adventuring? And would you want to do any of them?
  • Getting a tattoo has somehow motivated me to be healthier
  • It's weird that some instruments you play with your hands and others you put in your mouth
  • The Mushroom Hunters
  • Discovering how much butter and sugar is in your common or garden cake has filled me with sheer horror
  • A public call to action for the creation of Violence/Threat Jazz as a genre


  • The collection of music songs that you put on the internet last year.
  • The Citizen Sleeper trailer.
  • Managing a game's Steam store page.
  • The conversations you don't have.
  • Adventuring as it is conceived of and perceived.
  • Going into the field and being exposed to health hazards.
  • Rock climbing and its relationship to speed running.
  • All the big parts of the world having been discovered already so you need to be satisfied with discovering tiny parts.
  • The difficulty of spending a lifetime rock climbing when you don't enjoy rock climbing.
  • Whether being sent off to war feels or ought to feel like an adventure.
  • Lockdown tattoos.
  • The uncle who convinced you to get an eyebrow ring.
  • Designing a tattoo so that it still looks right if the recipient suddenly gets swole.
  • The Clean and Jerk.
  • Compressing yourself inwards as you hit the ground.
  • The idea of caring about your appearance.
  • Looking in the mirror and feeling good about yourself.
  • A portion of meat that is ruining your aesthetic.
  • Your full-sleeve Gigantamax Meowth tattoo.
  • Ark from Terranigma.
  • A tattoo of a goat because you love goats a lot.
  • Putting pictures on your body and looking cool.
  • Going full body-mod in your old age.
  • A Rotom right up there in your armpit.
  • Walking around looking like a JRPG character with an asymmetrical pauldron.
  • The right torso for me.
  • Bone tattoos that are just for you because nobody can see your bones.
  • Waiting until you are 80 years old for eyeball tattoo technology to get safer.
  • Screaming higher and higher until you take a shower.
  • Airflow and handflow.
  • Licking a musical instrument that makes noise when it's wet.
  • Chromatic spittoon virtuosos.
  • Melody Pops.
  • How to survive long car trips before portable video games.
  • Lollipops you could write with.
  • Chocolate cigarettes wrapped in rice paper.
  • Rebranding your offensive children's cigarette brand to "Fads."
  • The formulation of laws to follow facts revealed.
  • Food Tasters.
  • One king left and so much food to eat.
  • Why so much fiction is so obsessed with royalty.
  • Cracking a nut in your brain.
  • The moon's excellent product placement.
  • Cakes for people to jump out of.
  • How to marble a cake.
  • The butter iceberg.
  • The inside scoop behind all the drama.
  • The Sharks and the Jets snapping at each other.
  • The dude in Mad Max Fury Road playing a flaming guitar on top of a moving truck.
  • Where to see Ben's cats.
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