183. The Radioactive Scone Problem


April 24th, 2023

1 hr 1 min 17 secs

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  • John
  • Quil


  • Taking advantage of a rare opportunity to play a Legend of Zelda game before every aspect of it is documented on the internet
  • RCA's implementation of color television is one of the most impressive engineering feats of the 20th century
  • The guy next to me on BART talked to me the entire ride home from GDC. He made me play the phone game he was addicted to and compared my performance to the coworker he was also making play the game. He got a call from his wife and introduced me to her. He told me he was in prison for 30 years for murder. His step son is a pitbull breeder and he complained about how few free pitbulls he was getting. He smelled weed on the train and put on a loud voice to announce "I'm a cop, put your vape pen away." My stop was also his stop, so the monologue didn't let up when I got off the train. I finally escaped when he was distracted by girl scout cookies.
  • http://blueridgejournal.com/poems/rl-fall.htm
  • Are dumplings universal? It seems like every civilization has at some point invented their version of 'carbs around a protein' food


  • The best part of the show.
  • The Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue.
  • How best to keep a pigeon.
  • Hiding in the discord
  • Solving problems in interesting ways.
  • A very interesting idea that just barely pays off.
  • Playing a new game all weekend for the first time in your life.
  • A game that is too spiky to be solved by one person.
  • A matchmaking service that puts you on a forum with fifty people who are each starting a Dark Souls game for the first time.
  • Accidentally playing geez Fez with your sister.
  • A riddle about risk management.
  • Not being able to throw away radioactive waste because you don't want to waste food.
  • Deciding which cookie to put in your mouth
  • Finding the password to someone's laptop in a video game by googling their information in real life.
  • Digital vs. Analog circuitry.
  • Piggybacking the color signal on top of the black and white signal.
  • Quadrature amplitude modulation.
  • Racing the Beam.
  • Being banished from the kingdom for partly understanding how television works.
  • Inventing two televisions so you can run one backwards.
  • Extroverts who when meeting an introvert, think to themselves "it's my job to bridge the gap"
  • Escaping when someone is distracted by Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Encountering the ARG that you made for yourself and then forgot about.
  • Not getting as many free pitbulls as you thought.
  • Getting off the train early to get away from the person who won't stop talking to you and he's like "oh ok I'll get off here too."
  • Your wife who hates when you impersonate a cop.
  • The episode of Train Hot Dog which was just Jim reading a stack trace for twenty minutes.
  • Trying to figure out what web site you can browse on your phone to get the person sitting next to you to stand up.
  • Jim's preferred San Francisco residents.
  • The orange bland ambassadorial face of the moon.
  • Wild spiders crying together.
  • What to do when the air raid sirens go off.
  • Moving to a new place where they don't have monthly nuclear accident drills.
  • John Vanderslice.
  • The Human Missile Crisis.
  • Showing fear for humanity before it's cool.
  • Poetry that is not meant to be read aloud.
  • Stripping the formatting out of e e cummings's poetry.
  • A poem that skips around on the page like Chutes and Ladders.
  • Topic Troves.
  • Carbs around a protein food.
  • A rooster named Pierogi.
  • Whether dumplings have to be slimy.
  • Putting the pudding in a protein.
  • A particleboard meat.
  • A McRib that's been injected with custard.
  • Sweet and savory things placed inside a carb.
  • What civilizations have never invented the dumpling.
  • How to get from agriculture to the Hot Pocket.
  • The singular of funfetti.
  • How to get into the Topic Lords discord.
  • Topic Lords the Phone Game.
  • Cheap Bots Toot Sweet.
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