182. Baby Baby Mario


April 17th, 2023

1 hr 2 mins 53 secs

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  • Baby Mario and Baby Luigi being two different species.
  • Riff and Jenni play Rusty Lake.
  • Absorbing most of your twin in the womb and all that's left is his heart behind your nipple.
  • Nippleheart.
  • Cool Time Dice Hour.
  • Cragne Manor.
  • Heck of a project, terrible game, not recommended at all.
  • Cragne Manor's TV Tropes page.
  • A Metafilter thread about sleepovers.
  • Your mom asking for a report on all the swear words in the book you're reading.
  • Elsa Screams at Dentist.
  • Watching Elsa Screaming videos on Youtube to learn how to scream better.
  • Going to the bookstore by yourself when your are 13 years old.
  • Calling the anime repair guy when your anime goes out.
  • New guy just dropped: guy with trench coat full of VHS tapes who won't hand you the VHS tapes, he makes you reach in and take them.
  • Socializing your kids poorly so nobody will invite them to sleepovers.
  • Learning how sex works and then calling a conference on the playground to explain it to everyone.
  • Calvin's dad explaining that women only pee once a month.
  • Picking up the broken glass that your meth dealer neighbor keeps throwing in your cactus garden.
  • The tiny-handed thin-necked final girl.
  • Abraham Lincoln's wrestling career.
  • The one where they defeat the veloraptors with gymnastics.
  • The one where they defeat the velociraptors by showing them Elsa Screaming videos on Youtube.
  • Taking a bad book and adapting it into an even worse movie.
  • Doing drugs until the dinosaurs look like they have feathers.
  • Microscopic dust particles on the slicey bits.
  • Why blowing into the cartridge did or didn't work
  • Hunter-gatherers blowing on a blinking raspberry bush and cursing the defective lockout chip.
  • Being unable to hunt bison because of bison DRM.
  • A completely made-up kind of VR.
  • Downloading your estranged wife from the internet so you can reunite in VR.
  • A Rough Whimper of Insanity.
  • Max Headroom: a guy with a weird forehead who shows up in media sometimes, like a California Raisin.
  • Explaining Mac Tonight to a 22 year old.
  • The worst car you could have possibly imagined.
  • Delightful clean all-ages nonsense.
  • Demonstrating your allegiance to 90s-era edgelordism.
  • Cresting the event horizon of random bullshit.
  • The VR apparatus hanging off of your wasted body.
  • Adding more vanilla than the recipe calls for.
  • Putting a hapenny on the spice vendor's tongue and reaching into his trench coat to pull out a bag of cumin.
  • Poking bytes into memory to mod Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Whether Pico-8 is more or less racist than Dickens Fair.
  • The space battle that took place over Nuremberg in 1561.
  • UFOs vs. UAPs.
  • Tie-Fighters and Star Destroyers over Nuremberg.
  • The All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office: if you got an anomaly, yo, they'll resolve it.
  • Asking the Pentagon for money for a cab fare to go investigate unexplained aerial phenomena.
  • A mass hysteria of the collective unconscious.
  • Marrying your cousin and going into space.
  • Anakin is of the species Baby Mario and Padme is a Baby Luigi so when they breed they'll have an infertile Baby Wario or Baby Waluigi.
  • The fan theory where Jar-Jar is the Sith Lord.
  • The origin of angels as a terror.
  • Pre-hurricane ice crystal patterns.
  • Making biblically accurate angels out of everything.
  • Generational memory from back when we had wings.
  • Fish wings.
  • Being drunk all the time because you don't trust the water.
  • Aspartame's bitter aftertaste, and also fuck Stevia.
  • Coke Grownups.
  • Pepsi Peeps.
  • Eating the whole bag of Pepsi Syrup Peep Gushers and now you can't play D&D tonight because you just have to lie on the floor clutching your belly and complaining that nobody saved you from your life choices.
  • Food that exists to overwhelm your senses and your ability to make decisions.
  • The two genders of time.
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