184. Times New Orange


May 1st, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 8 secs

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  • kittenm4ster's PICO-8 games.
  • Vibing with the Alfonzo's Bowling Challenge ethos.
  • A game that is implemented in under 8000 tokens.
  • The ideal game pitch.
  • Chocolate and cheese and something.
  • Choccoli.
  • Chocolate and gravy.
  • A lukewarm Americano.
  • A bunch of foodies who really know their foodstuffs.
  • A fish being strangled by Red Vines.
  • A GPU that has food inside of it.
  • The Turing test for whether computers can taste foods.
  • Asking Chat GPT what three foods you can combine to create a bomb in your kitchen.
  • Whether Gallium has calories.
  • Three people on a podcast who all think "trailers" should come after the movie
  • Finding out about a movie by seeing a trailer in a movie theater even though trailers are constantly spilling out of every screen you own.
  • Getting the wiggles out.
  • How to make the lives of people who enjoy looking at ads a little bit worse.
  • Yelling "fire" before the movie starts so fewer people pay attention to the pre-movie ads.
  • Wanting to become the reason all movies have "no leopards in the theater" PSAs now.
  • A toddler watching Youtube, yelling "no!" and throwing the phone on the ground when an ad plays.
  • Pushing the lever to receive your stochastic reward.
  • Youtube deciding you've seen enough ads lately and taking pity on you.
  • Trying to explain to a four year old how to play a light gun game but the game is over before you finish explaining.
  • The Space Alien Busting Song.
  • Drawing new mountains on the moon to test your camera's moon mode.
  • Here's the moon again.
  • A filter to replace pictures of your wife with the moon.
  • A Snapchat filter that makes you feel like you used to be attractive.
  • A filter that takes your bad photos of the moon and makes them even worse.
  • The worst bunny in the moon.
  • A good poem that rhymes.
  • Turtle metaconsistency.
  • Enormous and hilarious oranges.
  • Good art here, you guys.
  • Reading poetry in the original Helvetica.
  • BorgiaPro on various font downloading sites.
  • A cartoon that is entertaining even if you are not learning Italian.
  • Finding Armando's old hat in the attic.
  • Asking the clouds to move so that your hat can protect you from the sun.
  • Working within a constraint that produces delightful nonsense.
  • Photocopying yourself to create a black and white clone.
  • What drugs they'll give to kids in what countries.
  • Growing up but continuing to take the same drugs.
  • A little girl who is also a dog.
  • Subtitles that don't match what's being said aloud.
  • Watching Italian TV using a VPN.
  • The Andrew Lloyd Weber musical with the roller skates.
  • Roller bladers dancing in weird futuristic costumes.
  • Having positive fun experiences with language.
  • Learning a new language while skydiving.
  • Hiring an experienced skydiver who can give you foreign language lessons while you're both falling from a plane.
  • Getting bored while skydiving and looking at your phone but there's no WiFi up there.
  • How McElroy fans compliment someone's woodworking.
  • How to Fake an Interest in Woodworking.
  • Arguing about whether games are art.
  • All the games that anyone's ever called art.
  • Finding information about a deleted page on Wikipedia.
  • Philosophical debate on the creative qualia of electronic structured play. (Roger Ebert has a subheading.)
  • Whether the List of Zombie Video Games on Wikipedia includes philosophical zombies.
  • Whether the List of Zombie Video Games on Wikipedia includes voodoo zombies.
  • What Casinos are trying to do to attract kids who like video games.
  • Whether Lechuck is a voodoo zombie or a Romero zombie.
  • Hohokum.
  • Finding a bunch of snakes that each have different names.
  • What happens when you collect all the things. (Art.)
  • List of Paintings Considered Artistic.
  • Gimmick food that is more about the experience of eating a weird thing than the food itself.
  • A restaurant that doesn't have plates and just pours the food into your cupped hands.
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