192. The Prime Number Shitting Bear


June 26th, 2023

1 hr 6 mins 52 secs

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  • CisHetKayfaber
  • Charlie


  • Umbrellas, siphons, and other physical things that seem like hacky bullshit but actually work
  • Articulating the shape of your internal cause-and-effect network and applying it as a learning superpower (futurevision)
  • I'm not sure what archipelago.gg is but if I read this paragraph aloud maybe we can figure it out together
  • A copypasta from this page:
  • Why is a skill less valued the more we love it? Shouldn't it be the opposite? Is this arguable?


  • Supporting someone's video game dream in Denmark.
  • Escaping from idle games.
  • Video games drawing the screen as often as they can.
  • The pauses getting longer and longer whenever the bear needs to shit a new prime number.
  • The prime number shitting bear getting constipated.
  • How to calculate prime numbers faster.
  • Math stuff.
  • A choo choo train of thought.
  • Meditation apps that play ads while you're in the middle of meditating.
  • The thing where you put your mouth on the tube and then have to spit out the gas or you get neurological damage.
  • Creating a low pressure system by sucking on a tube.
  • Whether umbrellas make sense.
  • Umbrella side-drip.
  • How bicycles stay upright.
  • Does a bicycle on a treadmill stay upright?
  • Pattern recognition.
  • Seeing a situation you recognize and understanding what's going to happen.
  • Predicting where someone's sentence is going to end up.
  • Putting your water glass in a zone where it's going to get knocked over.
  • The shape of your mind's cause and effect network.
  • Seeing scenes from the future, like in Law and Order.
  • Predicting the future so that you can be a more efficient organism.
  • Mashing air molecules at you.
  • Speaking a language that your coworkers don't.
  • Applying FutureVision to your creative process.
  • Nonlinear creative processes.
  • One unique large musical story where nothing repeats.
  • A physical task you are doing inside your head.
  • The pet that is closest to having a kid.
  • Importing a portal gun into Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Finding the hookshot in Metroid and your friend then bring able to use it in Link to the Past.
  • How to know what your friends want.
  • All the bad ways an idea could be implemented
  • Surprise boomerangs.
  • Archipelago's Release System.
  • The era of couch co-op games.
  • A multiplayer season where everybody picks a different game.
  • Doing the oration.
  • Who the colored lights in your keyboard are for.
  • Polygonal dudes with long hair head banging in the background.
  • Weirdly modern music.
  • Fifteen years of everything else.
  • Rhythm games vs. music games.
  • Living in a society.
  • Devaluing the skills you love.
  • Listening to a song and really appreciating its use of rests.
  • How note lengths and rests work in tracker music.
  • Stopping a note without starting a new one.
  • Running experiments to determine exactly when a note should stop.
  • The micro decisions of things that people don't think about or care about.
  • A bird named Mabel.
  • A bird figuring out how to enjoy music.
  • A tepid delicate series of notes.
  • Attractivision.
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