193. Pull Down Your Murphy Toilet


July 3rd, 2023

58 mins 13 secs

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  • Elena
  • Quil



  • A very good New York Times crossword.
  • Feats of crossword construction that just make the experience of solving it worse.
  • Cottage cheese and jam.
  • Fruit on the bottom cottage cheese cups.
  • Whether cottage cheese comes pre-curdled.
  • An opportunity to make money by making the richest people in the world happier.
  • A jams and jellies bandolier.
  • Going to the arcade wearing a token dispenser but also your "I don't work here" shirt.
  • A band that only exists so that John Stamos can be annoyed by it.
  • Whether the average person would misspell a word on a grocery list.
  • Flashy rock and roll in which the lyricss are goofy and the goofy lyrics heightens the perceived quality of the music and the music heightens the perceived goofiness of the lyrics.
  • Various anime in which the kids are forming a band.
  • The Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • The East coast DIY music scene.
  • Eyeball Skeleton.
  • Smoosh nee Smush.
  • My Pal God Records.
  • The Most Wanted Song and The Most Unwanted Song.
  • Ramadan jingles.
  • Putting all the things people hate the most in the same song.
  • Single Ladies.
  • The Rescue Rangers dimension where the Rescue Rangers theme song is still modulating upwards to this day.
  • Releasing an album on vinyl that ends in a locked groove with a shepard tone.
  • Sprinter Vans.
  • Diesel vans racking up a million miles.
  • Van life.
  • Vans with indoor plumbing.
  • How people react when someone is sleeping in a vehicle in their neighborhood.
  • How to recognize a van that somebody lives in.
  • Living in a Wal-Mart parking lot.
  • Campy camping.
  • Living the hash tag no car life.
  • Bimodal distribution of van dwellers.
  • The Minimum Viable Van.
  • Living six people to a bedroom and not liking it.
  • A landlady who cooks for everybody in the 1800s.
  • Outlawing boarding houses because there are too many single men being rowdy.
  • The Florida Project.
  • Moving into the hotel across the street for a day so that you don't live in one place long enough to become a tenant.
  • Guessing how squatting laws work.
  • Staples presenting a trailer for their new logo at E3.
  • The history of Industrial Musicals.
  • Hiring video artists and composers to create massive lavish displays of brand awareness.
  • The documentary that Kevin Smith made about Prince just for Prince to watch and never release.
  • Making a funny video for mystery people to watch for mystery purposes.
  • The KFC VR training app.
  • Living close to Hamburger University.
  • Rerecording Prince's "1999" for every year up to 2999.
  • The circus ad that Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite was based on.
  • O Deathy Death.
  • Most Foul Vowel.
  • The Alfred Joyce Kilmer Memorial Bad Poetry Contest.
  • The headspace you get into as an artist when you try to make bad art.
  • A good example of a bad poem.
  • Birdemic's environmental message.
  • A clown photobombing your movie soundtrack.
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