120. The Mouse Is For Hippies And Slackers


February 7th, 2022

1 hr 1 min 12 secs

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  • A website for dead people who will pay $12/year for as long as they're dead.
  • Hummus.
  • Whether Inscryption is more popular than hummus.
  • Starting a topic with an anecdote.
  • Walking around a city with the audio of a movie playing on your headphones.
  • Watching a foreign film subbed because you're too cool to realize there's a subbed version in the settings.
  • What you notice when you strip the visuals out of a visual medium.
  • Porting Doom to ears.
  • Whether blind people have their own Steam.
  • Going through several iterations of reinventing how you shoot zombies.
  • A woman scaled up 2x on every axis.
  • Brazil's first new console after the Megadrive.
  • Porting Resident Evil 4 to the Megadrive.
  • Jim's entire history with the Resident Evil stories.
  • A goofy Zelda boss but it's in a horror game for some reason.
  • Turning doing donuts in a two car garage into a boss fight.
  • Being bad at puzzles that aren't supposed to be puzzles, like how to use this can opener.
  • A Flettner airplane made out of KFC buckets.
  • The Magnus effect.
  • The downside of an airplane that drops like a rock if the engines lose power.
  • The world's first portable steamroller.
  • An airplane that is heavy enough to create its own runway.
  • Putting a dog in the Youtube thumbnail.
  • A poem that was short even before you cut the last 25%.
  • A joke poem that becomes even more of a joke when you cut out the punchline.
  • Dad giving you permission to memorize the shortest possible poem.
  • Web design nostalgia.
  • Hypertext protocols that predated HTTP.
  • How HTTP ate every other hypertext protocol's lunch.
  • This thing that was invented in the 70s.
  • Tetris the Grand Master, and how it would be better with mouse input.
  • Hypothetical keyboard-only interfaces for audio editing software.
  • A keyboard macro scripting language thing for transcribing sheet music.
  • How to pronounce "Latex"
  • Pronouncing the typesetting puns.
  • Being surprised when a country has almost as many people as the United States.
  • Gamelan.
  • Being Indonesian and knowing more about Indonesia than most people.
  • Whether modern day Greeks get annoyed when you try to engage them about Greece 2000 years ago.
  • Thinking you know where New Zealand is but not.
  • Growing up in the US and spending all your geography points on remembering which state is which and not having any left for the rest of the world.
  • Talking about yourself in any person.
  • Why nobody reviews Frog Fractions games.
  • Soda speak.
  • Divesting yourself of places you might get spoiled.
  • Middling Marvel Movie Buddies.
  • How to make choices without having enough information to decide.
  • Totally wasting your plug.
  • The premier place to send answers to the Inscryption ARG.
  • Counting the number of syllables in the sentence that claims to not be an ARG clue.
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