121. A Delicious Treat For Your Brain's Ass


February 14th, 2022

1 hr 4 mins 36 secs

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  • Reading someone's grocery list and trying to decide if it's ironic.
  • The importance of firing Jimmy Wales.
  • Trying to make a garbage fire better but it's not better yet.
  • Filming yourself becoming the villain so that the documentary won't be disappointing.
  • Topic Sloars.
  • Not really knowing what a sloar is except that you can roast in the belly of it.
  • The place for Buster-Heads.
  • Sleeping the wrongest.
  • Going to your dentist for sleeping advice.
  • Sleeping in a position to minimize the number of times per hour you stop breathing.
  • The sleep paralysis demon not being able to sit on your chest because you sleep on your side.
  • Sleeping in a nanofiber web suspended from the ceiling.
  • Whether sleeping cuddling a pillow is good or bad for various bones and organs.
  • Famous Racist Pillow Peddler.
  • Doctor Wu says you're going to eat shit.
  • Sleeping like the number four.
  • Lying in entirely different positions at the beach because you don't want anyone to know how you sleep.
  • Trying the number four leg and letting Ryan know how it goes in the morning.
  • A night of making cocktails using limes.
  • Deciding that limes are too powerful and we need to put them in their place.
  • Garnishing your beverage with cornflakes.
  • All citrus fruit descending from the mustard plant.
  • Demanding that every foodstuff be as delicious and useful as limes are.
  • A pile of nasty pasta mistake.
  • Chocolate pasta that you boil and put on your ice cream.
  • A Wikipedia rabbit hole of citrus fruits.
  • The three ur-fruits that control the fate of every citrus fruit you've ever eaten.
  • An open faced lime growing in the wild.
  • Optimus Lime.
  • Thinking of a pop culture pun and asking the bartender for it because it's probably a beer.
  • Extremely lumpy limes.
  • Filling city hall with gorillas so they'll eat all the snakes.
  • Hot dog fingers that are homogenous all the way to the end.
  • Manatee toenails.
  • Where whales keep their finger bones.
  • Awesome ladies with orca fingernails.
  • An extremely informative image search that you don't recommend to anyone.
  • All the gross ways Takis can fail.
  • Origami claws.
  • The state of the spit valves on those Cool Ranch Bugles.
  • Sweet and Salty and Chocolate and Peanut Butter Bugles.
  • Ultra-Powerful Butter Flavor.
  • Coming out of your bunker after 200 years and not knowing who Batman is but seeing the "ultra rare cheeto shaped like batman crying" and thinking "wow it's like a man, but also a bat, and he's weeping because he'll never solve his parents murder"
  • Making NFTs of every character in FF2 minigame Biker Chicks and then trying to get all the Kickstarter backers who sent in photos to buy their own face, because if they don't someone else is going to own their face.
  • Selling visitation rights to your collection of rare Cheetos.
  • Rare Cheeto NFTs.
  • Buying Cheeto earrings and becoming Cheeto Earrings Guy.
  • Something in red that was where "garlic bread" is -- erased.
  • Painters buying big slabs of bathroom stall at craft stores so they can paint on it.
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of garlic bread related poetry.
  • The dark recesses of Jim's Travis Barker poetry headcanon.
  • A traveling japesman who modifies any exposed whiteboard poetry to be about food.
  • Where you do your business after dark.
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