139. She Died As A Space Racist


June 20th, 2022

58 mins 36 secs

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  • Wanting to see all the stuff.
  • Replaying a series of four RPG length games to see the alternate endings.
  • Getting the most video game endings for your dollar.
  • Tenable and untenable ways to have an adventure.
  • Recapturing the magic of your first time (with emulators).
  • Getting every video game you wanted for a system and then enjoying that for 10 minutes.
  • A giant archive of every DOS game ever.
  • Losing your nostalgia for old games via emulation, but keeping your nostalgia for the box art.
  • Falling out of love with Windows Vista.
  • Keeping your custard pie intact until the yeti needs it.
  • The bread maker approach to learning a new skill.
  • Why there are no cupcakes in Frog Fractions 2.
  • Playing Go against someone better than you and suddenly losing.
  • The Go community rallying around the identity that computers can't beat the best Go players.
  • Whether computer Go has shaped the way humans play Go.
  • An extra creative extra special humany thing.
  • Beating a chess expert by convincing them to play something else.
  • John Henry's retirement plan.
  • Being promised a Yamaha DX7 but receiving a Casio MT-40 instead.
  • Writing a part for a rock and roll rhythm section that is accidentally a great reggae rhythm section.
  • The origins of the Amen Break.
  • Setting up a situation where you can write your own notes.
  • Figuring out where the genre can go with this new tonality.
  • Stripy guys and chonky units.
  • The best kind of tigers. (Floofers.)
  • Learning about slant rhymes one morning and that afternoon writing a poem that rhymes "eye" with "symmetry."
  • Blake hearing about the Great Vowel Shift from his grandpa and deciding that that would be a great way to make Tyger! Tyger! sound old timey.
  • Googling why Blake tried to rhyme "eye" with "symmetry" and finding dozens of implausible theories, all expressed with complete confidence.
  • Making an impression on the world of poetry by not being good at it.
  • Hipster throwbacks to the great vowel shift.
  • Calvin and Hobbes panoply of tiger poems.
  • Holding off on reading more Calvin and Hobbes tiger poems until you’re done recording the podcast.
  • Not letting online schooling get in the way of your online education.
  • Whether someone will figure out how to do a college class online before we transition back to in-person classes.
  • Whether ASL is especially well suited to bring taught over Zoom.
  • Doing yard work and wearing protective equipment so you can't pull out your phone to check Twitter.
  • Lying down in court.
  • Realizing for the first time that your parents don't know everything.
  • A framed photo of the one time your mom won at Risk.
  • The one thing you and your dad are both interested in.
  • Sports montage of getting better at Scrabble.
  • Driving or better yet watching movies with cars in them.
  • Everybody slowing down to take a look at the two headed chicken.
  • Driving towards a shadow and being blinded by the sun to what's beyond the shadow.
  • A time loop where the car in front of you slows down for no reason and then you slow down for a good reason but the car behind you thinks you're slowing down for no reason.
  • A car driving on a road.
  • Stacking a bunch of human reaction speeds on top of each other.
  • Slot cars as a fun and disastrous solution to traffic.
  • The slot car model of public transit.
  • Finding everybody on the Discord.
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