163. The Mean Horse Scenario


December 5th, 2022

1 hr 4 mins 15 secs

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  • What vehicle would you use to get around in the post apocalypse? Are we talking live animals, internal combustion engine vehicles, bikes, skiis, etc? Why did you choose this?
  • The Super Mario Wiki is a beacon that other fan wikis should look to for inspiration
  • The GTA San Andreas conversation system
  • Last Straw, by George Starbuck http://reesewarner.blogspot.com/2021/04/george-starbuck-nationalpoetrymonth.html
  • The gradual inflation of standard youtube video length


  • Lowercase jan, capital Misali.
  • Collecting all 905 Pokemon after 25 years.
  • R-rated Pokemon competitor, "Seximals."
  • Free-range porn, or legitimate educational resource?
  • First impressions of seximal.net.
  • Counting up to 99 on your hands.
  • College basketball's tactical use of base 6.
  • The binary number represented by flipping someone the bird with both hands.
  • The Airworld situation.
  • A sled pulled by domesticated zombies.
  • Solving the tire problem so you can bike around in the post-apocalypse.
  • Horses destroying society by kicking every building down with their powerful legs.
  • Horsefingers.
  • Horseknuckles.
  • Being just tall enough for a horse to try to eat your hair.
  • Shoveling poop out of the bear bone barn.
  • Standards of accuracy and editorial quality in the Super Mario Wiki.
  • Niwa, the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance.
  • What Mario Wiki has to say about the Berlin Wall.
  • Abraham Lincoln's place in the Mario Canon.
  • Organizing the Marvel Wiki by universe number.
  • The most objective possible method of sorting a list of universes.
  • Regular Peter Parker vs. Ultimate Peter Parker.
  • 10 seconds of scrolling.
  • A wealth of information not intended for a phone screen.
  • The ontological difference between characters and allies.
  • What species exist in the world of Mario?
  • Action Toad.
  • The wiki article about Baby Mario, a distinct character from the times various Marios have been babies.
  • The love child of Bowser and Shigeru Miyamoto.
  • Making invitations to your bachelor party with Mario Print World.
  • Different forms of pounding your butt on the ground.
  • The Ground Pound, also known as the Hip Drop, Pound the Ground attack, Bounce, Butt-Bash, Jump Smash, Smash Attack, and Butt Stomp.
  • How wikis get away with not being normalized databases.
  • A loose simulacrum of conversation.
  • A conversation that takes the form of a hand wave and then a gulf a million miles wide.
  • Pausing for several minutes to contemplate whether you've ever eaten octopus for breakfast.
  • Fifty ways to say "please don't hit me in the head with that wrench."
  • The Heaven's Vault conversation system.
  • Ten different voice actors saying the same twenty lines.
  • A normal poetry thing.
  • Trying to find the poem "The Last Straw" by George Starbuck but Google only wants to show you articles about how Starbucks doesn't have straws any more.
  • Poems that use two meters at once.
  • Showing the frivolity of the line lengths.
  • Back when Youtube videos were limited to ten minutes.
  • Just sitting here making feature films by myself.
  • Al Gore, the guy who invented the Algorithm.
  • Promising things in the show notes that definitely aren't going to go there.
  • What happens in an ecosystem where there is no pressure to make your work shorter.
  • People who have time to watch a three hour Youtube video.
  • Watching a movie over the course of a week, ten minutes at a time.
  • Multitasking poorly.
  • How to find people on Cohost.
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