162. The Best Lawyer On Fiverr


November 28th, 2022

57 mins 4 secs

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  • Making robots and video games in Seattle.
  • Cohost dot org.
  • Tumblr without Tumblr's weird nesting.
  • Finding interesting people to follow in 2005.
  • Cohost's discovery apparatus.
  • Making bad music on the internet that's not very enjoyable.
  • The worst fruit. (Apples.)
  • The enormous gulf between the audiovisual experience of watching someone eat an apple and eating that apple yourself.
  • The world's most apple growing place.
  • "Extra honey" apples.
  • Upgrading your teeth so that you can eat stone fruit without pitting them.
  • Installing a machine in your mouth that you can pour wheat into and it extrudes noodles right into your throat.
  • What wheat becomes if you chew it.
  • Pasta-flavored gum.
  • Vaguely salty orange chewing gum.
  • Installing an app to play a "biting an apple" ringtone into whenever you bite any fruit.
  • Japan's canonical fruit ranking with melon at the top, as seen in Pac-Man.
  • The way in which the B-tier melons are substandard.
  • The most cherries per slot machine.
  • Pivoting to chewing gum after San Francisco bans your gambling machines.
  • Buying just one leaf of parsley from Opposite Costco.
  • Naming your company after the idea of charging for things.
  • Buying hundreds of jigsaw puzzle pieces in bulk.
  • Tito Beverage.
  • You win stun, you lose stun.
  • Doug Bowser's Heel Turn.
  • Inaptronyms.
  • Punching somebody and all their honey comes out.
  • Preferring to punch people who bruise extremely precisely.
  • Hypothesizing that you are about to be punched in the face and setting up a control group.
  • Using science in an interesting way in 1832.
  • Little Alchemy and other combine-'em-ups.
  • What to play if you like adventure game inventory puzzles but not the rest of the adventure game.
  • The phone number you could call as part of the Frog Fractions ARG.
  • Investigating where the wind knocked over the fox shrine.
  • Finding an infinitely deep hole and dumping all your garbage in it until you realize you can use it to solve the housing crisis.
  • The deepest man-made hole.
  • The town that is permanently on fire.
  • An extremely plausible hellmouth.
  • Thanks, Hellmouth!
  • Inventing Hell in the 1970s.
  • A video that you can silently play in the background.
  • A robot that is just a large helium balloon.
  • A robot that is neutrally buoyant.
  • Strandbeests.
  • Making the goofiest lil guy.
  • The exploded cell phone ghosts.
  • A traffic cone skateboarding with ska playing in the background.
  • The Topic Lords startup incubator.
  • Cony Hawk.
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