164. Dead Bodies Are Always In The First Place You Look


December 12th, 2022

1 hr 12 mins 56 secs

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  • Nathan
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  • Tyriq
    • FourBitFriday everywhere.


  • Octopodes, continued
  • My wife and I are both teaching our son to drive, with separate lessons. It's going OK but with bumps.
  • The most widely-used crack for The Colonel's Bequest works by breaking the random number generator. This has wide-ranging effects on the gameplay.
  • How are we going to fix the camera in Mario Odyssey?


  • Game Type DX.
  • Implementing the Xbox dashboard and trying to get it approved by Sony.
  • The most serious episode of Topic Lords.
  • Bringing up Octopuses every three years.
  • Giving yourself an electric shock because you're so bored.
  • Sea pork.
  • Eating the animals that are extremely convenient to farm.
  • Aoes sitting around waiting for something interesting to happen.
  • Chimpanzee pranks.
  • Making art because that's what people do.
  • Trying to disentangle making art from making a living.
  • Whether zoo animals would prefer their natural habitat or whether they just enjoy a chill cool time.
  • Inventing an octopus psychologist to figure out what parts of their lives they like and what parts could be improved.
  • Children of Time and Children of Ruin.
  • Molluscs having a good time.
  • Terraforming gone awry.
  • The impossibility of talking smart people out of bad ideas.
  • Why a teenager might or might not want to learn to drive.
  • How hard to push the brakes and how hard to push the gas.
  • Pushing the gas too hard and the car is like no, take a deep breath and try again.
  • Terrifying two lane roads.
  • Whether to start turning before you reach the stop sign.
  • Driving in Atlanta.
  • Learning to drive because you have to get to college somehow.
  • The responsibility of being in charge of heavy machinery.
  • Driving and suddenly realizing you need to be paying way more attention right now.
  • Saying the worst possible thing to someone who is already anxious.
  • Detective adventure game structure.
  • The botched Red Baron Easter egg.
  • Walking by windows whenever possible.
  • Blinking, fidgeting and moving with lifeless constancy.
  • Serious Sam 3's copy protection scorpion.
  • Finding the thing you're not expecting in the first place you look.
  • Whether the Law and Order video games implement both Law and Order.
  • A detective game where you spend most of your energy preventing the detective from having a nervous breakdown or hurting somebody.
  • Game design that is driven by fun tech.
  • Getting a fancy new drill press and for a while all the furniture you make has a bunch of extra holes for no apparent reason.
  • An RPG character with the ability to manipulate the RNG.
  • A game design critique of darts.
  • Fingers in the brain, squishing.
  • Why Game Genie codes are encrypted.
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 level editor.
  • BASIC Programming and Computer Intro.
  • The guy who wrote half of the Odyssey 2's game catalog.
  • Whether console exclusives, or indeed video game systems at all, should exist.
  • Why they set Mario Galaxy on planetoids.
  • Looking into a shoebox of fun.
  • Mario's fluctuating weight throughout the series.
  • A classic 3D platformer problem.
  • Manipulating the camera while you touch all kinds of other buttons.
  • The kind of Mario game that your dad can play.
  • Been solved. Not fun.
  • Trying to show Portal to people who have never played first-person shooters.
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