178. The Lathe Of Kojima


March 20th, 2023

1 hr 6 mins 15 secs

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  • Calculus ruined incremental games for me
  • SFF PCs are ridiculous and hilarious
  • What's the deal with HDR?
  • Ode to Ice Cream by Vada Sultenfuss (from the movie My Girl)
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 is the most important game of 2023


  • Appropriating wrestling culture.
  • Idle games vs. incremental games.
  • Trimps.
  • Physics and calculus educators each pretending the other field doesn't exist.
  • Jerk as a unit of measurement.
  • Ruining a child's mathematical career by teaching them linear algebra.
  • Floating point precision.
  • Optimizing the area under the curve.
  • What's the jerk of my progress?
  • Position, speed, acceleration, jerk, jounce, hyperjerk, metajounce, binge warp, migrational spank, barflurch, dark jaunt, catastrophic snap, whipfuck, and Newton's Torment.
  • A real aerodynamic phenomenon.
  • Ruining the bench racers.
  • The kind of people who form an online community around a game.
  • The NGU IDLE speedrunning community.
  • Slaying the starting area killing slimes for 90 hours.
  • How big 26.8 liters is.
  • Rehoming your PC.
  • How many shoeboxes your PC case is equivalent to.
  • A graphics card that is perpendicular to the motherboard.
  • How many parakeets could fit in your PC case using modern parakeet packing algorithms.
  • Making a novelty enormous soda can to use as a fake scale comparison in photos.
  • Bending your hand at a weird angle.
  • The jerk of your PC case.
  • Turning the gamma up in order to see a video game.
  • Squashed gamuts.
  • Adding more bits to describe the color.
  • HDMI stratification.
  • The colors that future mankind will invent.
  • Being unable to use certain hex color triplets because the Pantone license expired.
  • When ice cream tastes good.
  • Poems written by works in progress.
  • B.R.R. (Before Rocky Road)
  • Not having seen My Girl but having seen the cover at Blockbuster.
  • Growing up in a mortuary.
  • Bragging that you know how to play the theme to Jaws on the piano.
  • Nick at Nite.
  • Playing with Legos with I Love Lucy in the background.
  • Timeshared cable channels.
  • Nickelodeon's audience being kids and Nick at Nite's audience being the elderly so the channel's average audience is middle-aged.
  • The most important game of 2023.
  • The core switcheroo.
  • Psycho Mantis reading your memory card.
  • Playing a really whiny guy who just sucks.
  • Whether they've invented pausing cutscenes yet.
  • Pausing a 40 minute cutscene to go make pizza rolls.
  • AI heel turns.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 beating out Vampire Survivors for most important game of 2022.
  • Why Hideo Kojima's dialog sounds like an American 90s movie.
  • Political theory outsider art.
  • The anti-Noby Noby Boy.
  • A discord channel brimming with Lords.
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